Community MilestonesEdit

This event is a community event, and as such requires everyone to contribute to overcome milestones.

  • 1) Tango Tick1 3 million Collectible 44 wood
    • Result: A bridge was built and the right side of map made accessible.
  • 2) Tango Tick1 2 million Collectible 44 wood, 400 thousandCollectible 48 stone
    • Result: The entrance to the school was built.
    • Initially required 7 million wood and 4 million iron, but after V1.399 it was lowered to be 4 million wood and 3 million stone (iron icon was a bug[1]).
  • 3) Tango Tick1 200 thousand Collectible 48 stone, 1 thousand Collectible 52 shovels
    • Result: Repaired bridge (now made of stone).
    • Initially required 50 thousand shovels.
  • 4) Tango Tick1 250 thousand Collectible 48 stone, 5 thousand Collectible 51 cement
    • Result: Second story added to school (but on fire!)
  • 5) Tango Tick1 3 million Collectible 50 water.
    • Result: Second story of building was no longer on fire.
  • 6) Tango Tick1400 thousand Collectible 48 stone, 4 thousand Collectible 52 shovels, 50 thousand Collectible 51 cement
    • Result: The top of the building was added along with flags.
    • Initially required 12 million stone, 12 million shovels, 7 million cement
  • 7) Tango Tick11 million Collectible 53 potions, 1 million Collectible 54 brooms

After the last milestone was completed, every resource was shown at the collection spot, (even the plant, which never was part of a milestone). This showed a tally of how much everyone has collected, and also allowed consumables to be awarded for any item.


On the event map, you must collect resources (by ducking on them) and bring them back to the spawn. A shaman is chosen on the map to help. If you die you respawn. Hitting the water while holding a resource causes you to lose the resource. Depositing resources has a random chance to award a consumable.

The event map comes every 20 minutes.

New areas will unlock as community milestones are met. See the event map image.

Getting a x3 item won't earn you 3 towards the calendar; it only counts as 3 for milestones

Type x1 x3
Wood Collectible 44 Collectible 45
Iron Collectible 46 Collectible 47
Stones Collectible 48 Collectible 49
Water Collectible 50
Plant Collectible 55

You are also able to combine certain resources to create new items! Items are combined by High five-icon high-fiving someone who has the other item. Make sure to not accidentally deposit the item before doing so!

Creation Item 1 Item 2
Collectible 51 = Collectible 48 + Collectible 50
Collectible 52 = Collectible 46 + Collectible 44
Collectible 53 = Collectible 55 + Collectible 50
Collectible 54 = Collectible 55 + Collectible 44


You can see your progress for various goals on the Adventure Calendar

Finishing a goal on the calendar earns you 20 adventure points, as well as one of the rewards below. Collecting resources also award a random consumable (assuming the resource collected is part of the current milestone).

Goal Reward
250 Collectible 44 « Lumberjack »(376)
100 Collectible 50 25Inventory 2257
100 Collectible 48 « Foreman »(424)(New)+5Inventory 2257[2]
150 Collectible 46 Macaron 30(New)
100 Collectible 51 Badge 188(New)
50 Collectible 54 Badge 64
  • « Wizard/Witch »(425)(New) - Automatically awarded after last milestone was finished. If you weren't online at the time, it was awarded upon login.

New ItemsEdit

Wizard 2017 new items
Image Name Type Cheese-currency Fraise-currency Badge
Shop-fur89 Owl Fur 5500 360 Badge 187
Shop-head149 Hardhat Head 300 40
Shop-mouth62 Hammer Mouth 250 40

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  • Wizard 2017 is the third new event in 2017 and the second to use a new event ID.
  • This is one of the few events with an event-specific map that uses a shaman.
  • The wizard school in the event, named "Hograts" in the event post, is a reference to Hogwarts from the Harry Potter series.