Wind master
Wind Master is a skill tree which gives the shaman abilities to move themselves and their disciples more easily across the map.
Icon Skill Points Description
Tier 1 Skills
Skill icon - Endurance Endurance 5 Increases speed by 4% / 8% / 12% / 16% / 20%.
Skill icon - Clean Mouse Clean Mouse 5 When a mouse dies, a giant bubble appears. Triggers 1-5 times.
Warning: This can unintentionally break some maps.
Tier 2 Skills
Skill icon - Cleats Cleats 5 Increases friction by 20% / 40% / 60% / 80% / 100 %.
Skill icon - Diet Diet 5 Decreases mass by 10% / 20% / 30% / 40% / 50%.
Skill icon - Opportunist Opportunist 1 When last mouse enters the hole, you automatically enter the hole as well.
Tier 3 Skills
Skill icon - Chocokiss Chocokiss 5 When you sit, 1-5 mice next to you blow you a kiss.
Skill icon - Rocket Scientist Rocket Scientist 5 Ducking for some time propels you upwards.
Skill icon - Companion Crate Companion Crate 1 Summons a companion crate. (Reusing this skill causes the already summoned Crate to despawn and a new one to take its place where summoned [does not bring attached items with it])
Tier 4 Skills
Skill icon - Tight Budget Tight Budget 5 Summon tiny planks. Can be used 2 / 4 / 6 / 8 / 10 times.
Skill icon - Personal Teleporter Personal Teleporter 5 Teleports you to the aimed position. Can be used 1-5 times.
Skill icon - Projection Projection 1 By pressing left or right twice, the shaman is propelled forward and can go through walls.
Tier 5 Skills
Skill icon - Transformice Transformice 5 Gives transformation powers to the chosen mouse. Can be used 1-5 times.
Skill icon - Stern Mouse Stern Mouse 5 Gives 1-5 more ice cubes.
Skill icon - Acrobat Acrobat 1 Allows you to summon items while moving.
Tier 6 Skills
Skill icon - Angel Angel 1 Allows you to hover by pressing the up button.


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