Voldemouse von Drekkemaus is the son of Archain von Drekkemaus and Buffy and emerged as half vampire and half mouse.

He drinks fresh blood like his father, but from a Inventory 2204 baby bottle instead of a wine bottle.

Not much is known about his backstory between the events of the Von Drekkemaus ending of the Halloween 2014 enigma and the Halloween 2015 event. However, this may change if there is an enigma that gives insight on him.


He has shiny light blonde hair like Buffy's, which curves downward like Drekkemaus's. Voldemouse also has light blue eyes. His color is light brown, a mix of both his mother and father's colors. Rosy cheeks are also one of his notable features. He is much smaller than the regular mouse, as he's around one year old and his tail is proportionately smaller as well. His ears, on the other hand, are proportionately larger, and the ends of them are sharply pointed like a vampire's (such as his father's).

In his mouth is a Shop-mouth12 baby pacifier with an eggshell white handle and light red comfort ring. His diaper is white and conveniently has a hole for his tail to fit through. He wears a long cape with rounded wings around the back and sides of his neck, similar to his father's cape.

As of the Halloween 2016 event, he no longer wears a diaper and doesn't have a baby pacifier.