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The Valentine's Day 2013 event's main objective was catching the hearts on the event map. With these hearts you could buy the items of the event, and unlock titles too.


The valentine's day map was a large map and it was full of powerups all along the map. Some of them were helpful, others killed you.


Buying event items earned a random title each time:


Image Name Type Heart-currency Valentine's Day
Event Year Release
Shop-eyes9 Eyeliner and Mascara Eyes 10 2011
Shop-neck5 Neck Tie Neck 20 2011
Shop-ears6 Heart Earring Ears 50 2011
Shop-neck11 Bow Tie Neck 60 2012
Shop-neck12 Parasol Neck 100 2012
Shop-mouth25 Chocolate Mouth 150 2012
Shop-mouth28 Bouquet Mouth 200 2012
Shop-tail4 Heart Tail 300 2012



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