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Valentine's Day 2012 was an event which featured a scrolling map. The map was a restaurant where mice would click on chairs to sit on them and kiss other mice. Kissing another mouse four times gave gifts to both of the mice. If all rewards were already earned, one cheese would be awarded instead. The map also had a server character.


Shop ItemsEdit

Items were awarded in the following order, with the previous item required to earn the next:

Img Name Order Year
Shop-eyes9 Eyeliner and Mascara 1 2011
Shop-neck5 Neck Tie 2 2011
Shop-ears6 Heart Earring 3 2011
Shop-neck11 Bow Tie 4 2012
Shop-ears13 Rose Headband 5 2012
Shop-neck12 Parasol 6 2012


Titles were earned by number of event maps completed.