Hey guys! I decided to kind of have a costume shop here! The way this is gonna work is yet unknown, but here are the rules so far:

1. If you ordered a costume on a certain day, you cannot order another one on that same day.

2. Remember, I may not be able to access some items to make the costume, so when you give me your order form, I may say one item is out of stock.

3. There is a certain line on who gets their costume first.

4. Finally, my limit is 5 costumes a day, so you have to be really lucky to get one!

These costumes CANNOT be put onto your mouse on Transformice, they are just pictures of the costume that can be stored on your computer. They are not hacks, so if you are nervous, don't worry - this costume-making is part of Atelier 801.

You can use these costumes in a quiz, a story, your desktop background - anything.

Here is the order form if you want a costume!

Name of Buyer: 

Costume Theme:

Items -










I will then see if the items you want are in stock, and give you your position in the line. You have to be patient!


                                    ~ XXmintyoreosXX

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