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    Hey, fellow wiki contributors! Since I feel like my work has been inadequate lately, I've been thinking about sharing my lore format with you all. 

    First off, a lore section on an adventure page always start off exactly like this:

    This event introduced the following elements to Transformice's story:

    • Component 1
    • Component 2
    • Component 3
    • Component 4
    • And so on....

    If an adventure happens to have an enigma, then the lore section will have its own subsection dedicated to providing the gist of it and leading readers to the enigma's page. It should still be thorough, but it shouldn't go into too much detail. That'd give an imbalance between the adventure page and the enigma page. 

    Once you have all your components down, you'll give each component about 1-2 …

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