Reform Template:Infobox skill

  • "Number of upgrades / uses" row not user friendly, also non-specific about unit of measurement
    • Uses unintuitive switch system; users have to know case values to use template properly
    • Needs to continue showing values by skill point, while keeping single-point skills as a single value---a function that the switch system currently performs.
      • Solution A: Use "single_skill_point" boolean value to mark single point skills, and use math-based logic to display values by skill point. Requires editing single point skill pages.
      • Solution B: Remove logic, reforming row into a freehand text field. Grants more flexibility than solution A, but requires re-editing all skill pages.
    • As for unit of measurement, add a variable used to customize row header, to phrases like "Number of Seconds" or "Additional Range"
  • [Resolved] "Skill ID" row information not useful to target reader? Ask about it and consider removing.