• Mieh

    This project is delayed indefinitely until I can rework my notes and determine how much content is wiki worthy.

    Shaman vs Shaman gameplay, found in the Dual Shaman map mode, is a deep and engaging topic that deserves its own page. This new page will explain the inner workings of Shaman vs Shaman and list common techniques.

    • 06 Apr 2018: Glad I never got to the full writeup. I need to take this content apart and see how much of it truly belongs on a wiki.
    • 08 Jun 2017: Outline complete! Getting ready for the full page writeup soon. Last call for suggestions.
    • 03 Jun 2017: Page design complete!

    • Idea originated from Dual Shaman mode page
    • Create dedicated page - split content from Dual Shaman
    • Take techniques, organize by function

    (Reasons sorted by promin…

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  • Mieh

    Putting this project on hold. I need to make this page a lot shorter or find a way to use/refine the existing materials.

    Part of an effort to reform the Mouse Techniques page, this article contains an outline for teaching the walljump technique.

    • Walljump easy to perform, but deceptively hard to learn
    • Procedure difficult to explain
    • Break down key elements to ease teaching process
    • Trim explanations to be as concise as possible

    1. Pre-Lesson: Midair Jump
      1. Mice can jump in midair if they haven't jumped already
        1. Keep the explanation very short
      2. Image: jump after running off cliff
      3. Uses
        1. Travel farther horizontally than straight jump
        2. Corner jump travels farther still
      4. How it works:
        1. Explain difference between ground state and jump state
        2. Ground state: when mouse stands o…

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  • Mieh

    The creations and techniques pages are currently mishmashed and loosely networked. This article contains a high level outline for how the pages might fit together in a more efficient and usable fashion. [Under Construction]

    • Link content together in a way that is easy to navigate
    • Summarize techniques/creations in a central location, using index pages
    • Preserve more detailed content from specific topic pages
    • Remove content that is:
      • subjective
      • duplicate
      • unexplained
      • unnecessary

    1. Mouse Techniques Index Page
      1. Techniques have individual main pages,
      2. Main pages feature repetitive content sections:
        1. Instructions (main summary)
        2. Special Interactions (tips)
        3. How it Works
      3. Consider using template:tabber to compile all techniques on same page
    2. Shaman Techniques Index Page
      1. Inves…

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  • Mieh

    Current Shaman page is unorganized, may also display some redundant information better linked from other pages. Consider writing a new outline for the page.

    [Work in Progress]

    • Preface with one-sentence summary:
      • In the game of Transformice, a Shaman is a player mouse specially chosen to guide other mice and help them get the cheese to the hole.  
    1. About---What is a Shaman?
      1. One mouse guides many
      2. Given special powers
        1. Summon objects to solve challenges
        2. Map-specific powers
        3. Levels up to gain additional skills and traits, selected by skill tree
        4. Free to use abilities as they wish
      3. Each round a different shaman
    2. Becoming a Shaman
      1. Basic summary
        1. Each round, shaman selected by room score
        2. Rounds last for around two minutes
        3. After playing as Shaman, room score reset
        4. Sometim…
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  • Mieh

    To-Do List

    November 2, 2016 by Mieh

    Reform Template:Infobox skill

    • "Number of upgrades / uses" row not user friendly, also non-specific about unit of measurement
      • Uses unintuitive switch system; users have to know case values to use template properly
      • Needs to continue showing values by skill point, while keeping single-point skills as a single value---a function that the switch system currently performs.
        • Solution A: Use "single_skill_point" boolean value to mark single point skills, and use math-based logic to display values by skill point. Requires editing single point skill pages.
        • Solution B: Remove logic, reforming row into a freehand text field. Grants more flexibility than solution A, but requires re-editing all skill pages.
      • As for unit of measurement, add a variable used to cu…
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