• Chrisacct

    While looking over the pages for categories, I noticed several unneeded pages. Listed below are my thoughts on these pages. Feel free to comment below.

    • Objectives (Deleted) is a page created but never filled in. Could potential have a purpose to explain the game, but currently the game's objectives are stated elsewhere.

    • Room 69 (Deleted) just states that it is a room with random maps. No different form any other room ##.

    • Transformice only has a link to the official Transformice website. This can be easily stated on the front page infobox.

    • Titles free 120 cheese (Deleted) is in a foreign language. The title itself is misleading as you can't get 120 free cheeses, 40 maybe.

    • Hard mode techniques is a redirect page to Hard mode. The only location where…

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  • Chrisacct

    Listed below is my cumulative list of tasks. These tasks are my ideal of what needs to be completed on this Wiki.

    If you feel an item is completed or needs to be added, please leave a comment.

    • Page Creation:
      • Minigames
      • Updates (Do we have this?)
      • Revision History (maybe?)
      • Individual Maps
    • Content Update:
      • Skill Tree
        • Icons to table
        • Update description values
      • Experience
      • Minigames
      • News
      • Images
        • List of Maps
    • Categories:
      • Category Pages:
        • Do we have what we need?
        • Do we need to make new ones?
        • Do all categories have a category, except "Browse"
      • Wiki Pages
        • Do all pages have a category?
    • Pages:
      • All pages are informative and useful?
      • Broken Redirects
      • Short pages (may need Stub tag)
      • Change text of keys to the
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