Hi i'm babycheese1. I found transformice from one of my friends on a chat website i use. At first i didn't know if i would like it but i tryed it anyway. I couldn't find a username because they were all taken so i had no choice but to have a weird username.Ok so moving on to a few days after i first played. So at first i had no idea what to do. i played vanilla for a while, until i got bored.I went to bootcamp and belive me i went as soon as i got there. I went to survivor next. I knew its had to do something with surviving something. I was horrible, but i wanted to get better at it, so i played survivor for about 2 weeks. I was super good at the end of 2 weeks. Then i met my first super best friend. Her username is Awesome234. She is super nice. I loved to play with her. And after a while i met 2 other friends. Mikumouse333 and asunakit. Mikumouse333 surprised me. She gave me 2 furs! She gifted them to me and i was sooooo excited. And asunakit. She is my BFF. She loves to play with me and i LOVE to play with her. Then she left for about 2 months ( i dont remeber) and i missed her horribly. Then she came back and her and i were still REALLY good friends. Now for the present day. Oh and i forgot to say i found this in winter. Ok so, i am still learning about how to make shaman creations. And i'm also trying ( but failing) to get shaman items.I only have enough for 2 different types of anvils. But i dont want anvils ( not yet anyway). If you guys wanna be my friends then i would be happy to be your friend. If you want to give my shaman items then ok ( please dont because i dont wanna be greedy). Well thats my story. See you around transformice!