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In the game of Transformice, the user is presented with a large GUI that has a variety of functions.

Information Bar Edit


A typical Information Bar at the top of the room

The Information Bar is positioned at the top of the room and informs you of the time left to complete the map, the amount of mice in the room, who the current shaman is and which room you are in.

The Information Bar has other uses to, for example, in map 81, the time counter helps the mice and the shaman because at 01:50, the gravity reverses. This gives the mice and the shaman the knowledge of when the gravity will be reversed and how much time they have left to build a shelter or die.

Bottom Bar Edit

The bottom bar houses a number of other features, listed below.

Chat Box Edit

Megaphone Main article: Chat

A typical conversation in a random room.

The Chat Box is the most active part of the bottom bar. Not only can registered users communicate with each other in this window, but it also displays information such as cheese recovered under a shaman, who your soul mate is on partner maps, who the current shaman is, and whether you won ("Cheeeeeese *-*") or lost ("No cheese for you ! ^_^") a map.

Friends Edit

Megaphone Main article: Friends list
This opens up your friends list.

Tribe Edit

Megaphone Main article: Tribe

Players List Edit


Current players.

Next to the chat box, you'll find a list of people currently playing in your room as well as their current overall scores. Generally speaking, the people at the top of the list will be next to be the shaman, but there are occasions where people continue to gain points without becoming the shaman. It also seems random whether or not the next map will have two shaman or not regardless of how close the top scores are. A table of how many points mice gain after each round can be found here.

Leaderboard Edit


A common leader board.

The Leader Board shows the order the mice that completed the level (obtaining the cheese and proceeded to the hole) finished in and which places they had been in. It is similar to the rankings tab.

Button Dialogs Edit

As mentioned above, there are also buttons above the player list. These buttons do a number of things.


Normal mode feather Hard mode feather Totem object
By clicking the shaman feather to the right of the animation buttons, a dialog box opens, allowing you to turn Hard mode or Divine mode on/off, and configuring your totem. This feature is only available to players that have over 1,000 saves.


The Menu button opens up into a number of options.


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You can purchase cute accessories for your mouse in this window such as hats, neckwear, or even a spiffy moustache.


Megaphone Main article: Inventory
You can see a list of consumables you have received.

Map EditorEdit

Megaphone Main article: Map editor
The Map Editor is a feature that lets you create your own map.


Megaphone Main article: Cafe
Café Opens up the cafe.