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April 17, 2013
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"Little Mouse"
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I play Transformice under the username Fewfre. I primarily play normal mode, but will sometimes play in special rooms (vanilla, survivor, traitor, etc). β˜™Fewfre 🔎 K21:21, April 17, 2013

I often go to: /room 0, /room room, /room #traitor, /room a, /room *, /room 100, /room lol,
or just go to the highest numbered room that actually has mice in it (usually 20-30 on English server 1).

You probably won't see me editing here a whole lot, but I'm often on the Wikia network, so I often circle around eventually, especially when I start playing Transformice again. And when I am on, I often just make a bunch of somewhat random edits that hopefully make the wiki better in the long run.

Templates I've madeEdit

{{MPNav}} {{Room}} {{Key}}


Global ProfileEdit

Below is my global user page, which is stored on Community Central, and is used on multiple wikis.

My Links: Signaturesig.css ❂ Old sigs ❂ G.js ❂ G.css Sandbox ❂ User:FewBot ❂ Flattr-badge-large.png

edit Last updated: 16 Dec 2014

Salutations! Welcome to my global user/profile page. If you need to contact me, use my talk page / message wall.

Wikis I am/was "active" on at one time - ⏣ founder, ⍟ admin, βŽ‰ active (check weekly), β›ž age sensitive
❧ Kairosoft Wiki (Activity) [ Profile β†­ Talk ] βŸβŽ‰
❧ Runescape Wiki (Activity) [ Profile β†­ Talk ]
❧ Transformice Wiki (Activity) [ Profile β†­ Talk ] βŸβŽ‰ What's that? You want a referral link for the game? OK!
❧ Fortoresse Wiki (Activity) [ Profile β†­ Talk ] β£βŸβŽ‰ What's that? You want a referral link for the game? OK!
❧ Atelier 801 Wiki (Activity) [ Profile β†­ Talk ] ⏣⍟
❧ Nekodancer Wiki (Activity) [ Profile β†­ Talk ] β£βŸβŽ‰ What's that? You want a referral link for the game? OK!
❧ Gothador Wiki (Activity) [ Profile β†­ Talk ] ⍟
❧ BU Wiki (Activity) [ Profile β†­ Talk ]
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I can be found on other wikis, but I'm generally not an active contributor on those not listed here. Note that I usually check in on these wiki's occasionally even if I'm not active on them (this list is just as much for me as anyone else). β˜™Fewfre 🔎 K00:00 Sat, 01 Jan 2000
Current Interests

As a bit of harmless signal boosting for some great shows/games/etc, here's some stuff I'm currently interested in.

Gravity falls
RWBY Gravity Falls
RWBY (by Monty Oum and RoosterTeeth) is a fun, quirky 3D cell-shaded anime-style American web show, full of action and adventure. The second season is currently airing (As of July 2014), as can be watched for free! SO IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY, GO WATCH IT! What are you waiting for, an invitation? (link to watch) A cartoon show by Disney, Gravity Falls is one of my favorite cartoons currently airing. It has a nice fun, wacky, and mysterious feel to it, and even includes a lot of Easter eggs if your willing to look for them (or be like me and see what others have found =p). Season 2 is now airing, as of 1 August 2014.

I like messing with templates (I love HTML / CSS), and even if I'm not sure how to make one, I can almost always find one similar and then use the base code from that one to get what I want with a little tweaking, or find out the way to do it by searching for an answer. I can do basic LUA programming, but don't really like using it (just when it's benefits are high enough).

Outside Wikis

While I enjoy editing wikis, I also love anime (my favorite romance anime being Toradora, although I often prefer "psychological" anime), TV shows (mostly on Netflix), reading books (primarily short novels), reading comics (online or newspaper ones), and also enjoy following works of the mlp fandom. While not a die-hard mlp fan, I do like the show overall, and find the works the fandom can create fantastic, especially some of the works on Tumblr and music (primarily through bandcamp).

Whether connected to everything above or otherwise, I almost always prefer my entertainment clean (and definitely in good taste).

Username Origin

Also please note, good readers, that my username is Fewfre, not Fewfire, Fewfew, etc. The story behind my name is simple and boring; it was my first password. After multiple different usernames, I decided to use Fewfre, because:

  • I already used it 2 places
  • I like how it sounds (I say it "Few Free", "Few Fray", or "Few Fur")
  • it's rarely taken ("unique")
  • it's short
  • it has personal / "sentimental" value.

As a random aside, I realized years after using as my username that I can make up some story about my name being "FlewFree", but missing some letters due to this world no allowing me to fly (or some equally deep thing that makes it sound like my name was on purpose =p). Not going to but love the option ^.^. Also, if you must shorten my name, I prefer "Fewf" rather than "Few"... as if that will ever happen =p

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