Uno is based on the card game of the same name that can be accessed by going to room #circuit[number]uno (ex: #circuit0uno). You can now play Uno with your friends on Transformice!

It's out of beta and released on time!

By pressing the Menu tab at the bottom left corner, you can access:

  • Rules (H)
  • Chairs (C)
  • Leaderboard (L)
  • Profile (P)

There has to be a minimum of 2 players in order to start a new game and the maximum number of players is 10.

How to PlayEdit

When a new game begins, you may run and sit at an empty chair (pressing Space). The game will start in 15 seconds.

Get rid of all your cards on your hand to win the game. Each player must discard a card per round. The discarded card must have the number, colour or symbol same as the one that's showing up at the table.

In case you don't have a card matching the one on the table to discard, you must draw a card from the deck by clicking on it. If the card you drew matches the one on the table, you can discard it. If it does not match, you can pass your turn.

Look at cards and their effects below for more information.

There are also special rules which may appear in some matches. Stay aware of the rules by looking at the top left corner of the table, which is below the >>>. You can click the rules for more details. Some rules add new cards, while others change the gameplay.

Cards and their effectsEdit

Card Effect when played
Skip The next player will lose his/her turn.
Draw Two This card makes the next player draw two cards and lose his/her turn. If the next player has this card, he/she can discard it and the next player will need to draw two cards if he/she does not have this card.
Reverse This card changes the direction of the game. If there are only two players, it'll have the same effect as the skip card.
Wild You can discard this card at any point of time in the game. You have the power of choosing the colour of the card the next player has to discard.
Wild Draw Four You can discard a Wild Draw Four card when you don't have a matching card left. The next player can challenge an unfair Wild Draw Four card (if the last player discarded this card when he/she still has a matching card. If the player challenged correctly, the player who will have to draw four cards is the one who discarded it and the player who received the Wild Draw Four card will not lose his/her turn. However, if the player challenged wrongly, he/she will have to draw six cards.
These are the cards you may get in your deck:

Challenge Edit

If you discard a Wild Draw Four Card and a player Challenges you correctly, you will get 4 cards.

If you discard a Wild Draw Four Card and a player Challenges you wrongly, the player will get 6 cards.

Wild Draw Four

If someone challenges you when you did not press UNO (when you only have 1 card left), you will get 2 cards. So be careful!

Chairs Edit

You could change the style of your chair by pressing Chairs (C) and selecting the style that you want!

List of ChairsEdit

A list of all chairs and their corresponding quote.

  • Gray Armchair "Better than sitting on the floor."
  • Red Armchair "For those who believe in the heart of the red cards."
  • Blue Armchair "Stay calm and ... hey! I'll show you this blue +2."
  • Yellow Armchair "Color of wealth? I hope it's not card wealth."
  • Green Armchair "No one likes the green, but he insists on staying at the table."
  • White Armchair "Black armchairs are missing, keep this."
  • Fire Throne "Hot!"
  • Water Throne "Free yourself from the cheese before sitting down."
  • Ground Throne "If it rains it will turn into a clay throne."
  • Air Throne "Hey, you're sitting on the air!"
  • Rainbow Throne "Has all the colors except the one you need."
  • Wooden Bench "When you play so much that you have a bench in the square with your name."
  • Stone Bench "A little uncomfortable, but you do not care after all this time."
  • Golden Throne "It's a trophy, but mice use it as furniture."
  • Diamond Throne "It's cold and you're sure it will won't be stolen because it's buried in the ground."
  • King's Throne "Nobody orders the king to buy cards."
  • Throne of Luck "You must be lucky to get lucky."
  • Angel Throne "Good mice usually leave others waiting."
  • Thief Throne "They still said I was the worst."
  • Shaman Throne "Do not play against a shaman, if you hit a +4 he'll give you a cannon."
  • Beach Chair "You do not have to hunt for a chair if you bring your chair. Think about it."
  • Cinema Chair "Prepare the popcorn and the trick is going to start."
  • Hell Throne "I saw that smile, his place is saved."
  • Throne of Cards "At least you can do it."
  • Candy Throne "Play after lunch."
  • Cheese Throne "Soft and comes with coasters."
  • Strawberry Throne "PAY TO WIN!"
  • Illuminati Throne "4+4=8; 8 divided by 8 chairs=1; 1+2=3, Illuminati confirmed."

Note: All thrones are unlocked during beta testing, but achievements are required to use them afterward.

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