Uno is based on the card game of the same name that can be accessed by going to room #unotfm. You can now play Uno with your friends on Transformice!

It's out of beta and released on time!

By pressing the "Menu" tab at the bottom left corner, you can access:

Chair inventory can be accessed by clicking "Inventory" at the bottom right corner, or C.

There has to be a minimum of 2 players in order to start a new game and the maximum number of players is 8, although 15 mice can be in the room. Guests can't play.

The room name used to be "#circuit[number]uno".

Help-related text appears at the bottom of the screen, and changes occasionally.

How to playEdit


An available chair

When a new game begins, you may run and sit at an empty chair (pressing Space). The game will start in 15 seconds.

Get rid of all your cards on your hand to win the game. Each player must discard a card per round. The discarded card must have the number, colour or symbol same as the one that's showing up at the table.

In case you don't have a card matching the one on the table to discard, you must draw a card from the deck by clicking on it. If the card you drew matches the one on the table, you can discard it. If it does not match, you can pass your turn.

Look at cards and their effects below for more information.

There are also special rules which may appear in some matches. Stay aware of the rules by looking at the top left corner of the table, which is below the >>>. You can click the rules for more details. Some rules add new cards, while others change the gameplay.

House rulesEdit

House rules are additional rules that can appear in some matches.

A list of all house rules can be accessed in the bottom left corner menu, or by pressing U.

Image Name Description Matches to win with this rule to unlock
Uno-house rule-No Challenge
No Challenge The Wild +4 card can't be challenged anymore.
Uno-house rule-Mini
Mini Everyone starts with 4 cards. 1
Uno-house rule-Maxi
Maxi Everyone starts with 9 cards. 1
Uno-house rule-No Action
No Action The deck consists only of numerical and wild cards. 1
Uno-house rule-Clean Finish
Clean Finish You can only win the game if your last card is a numerical card. 1
Uno-house rule-No Combo
No Combo You can't block drawing cards anymore. 1
Uno-house rule-Super Combo
Super Combo You can block drawing cards with any card that has a + on it. 1
Uno-house rule-Hell
Hell Action cards can be played over any other action card, of any color. 1
Uno-house rule-Satisfaction
Satisfaction You must keep drawing cards until you find a playable card. 1
Uno-house rule-Unsatisfied
Unsatisfied When you draw a card, you pass your turn automatically. 1
Uno-house rule-Camouflage
Camouflage You can't see anyone's number of cards until they have only 1 card left. 1
Uno-house rule-Flash
Flash You only have 5 seconds to play! 1
Uno-house rule-Time Limit
Time Limit After 6 minutes, the player whose hand is worth the least points wins. 1
Uno-house rule-Jump-In
Jump-In If you have the exact same card that's on the table, you can play it even if it's not your turn. 1
Uno-house rule-Black Cards
Black Cards If you play the exact same card as the top card, it turns into a black one. Only a card with the same number or symbol can be played on it. 1
Uno-house rule-Revelation
Revelation The top card of the deck is visible to everyone. 1
Uno-house rule-Stacking
Stacking You can play several cards with the same numerical value in one turn. 1
Uno-house rule-Sequence
Sequence You can play several cards of the same color, as long as they form a numerical sequence. 1
Uno-house rule-Perfection
Perfection If you play a number card that is equal to the number of cards in your hand, you can play again. 1
Uno-house rule-Tracking
Tracking When you draw a card, you get the option to choose one of three cards. 1
Uno-house rule-Mulligan
Mulligan When the game starts, you can change your hand with a new one. 1
Uno-house rule-Overload
Overload Players with more than 10 cards get eliminated. 1
Uno-house rule-Limbo
Limbo Whoever exceeds the limit of cards in hand will be eliminated. The limit starts at 12 cards and reduces by 1 every minute. 1
Uno-house rule-Fast Draw
Fast Draw Drawn cards are played immediately (unless they are drawn due to a penalty). 1
Uno-house rule-Hard Mode
Hard Mode If you click on an invalid card, you pass your turn. If you are challenged for not saying UNO, you draw 4 cards. 1
Uno-house rule-Shiny Hand
Shiny Hand Players holding a Wild card or at least one card of each color will have their hand highlighted. 1
Uno-house rule-Neighbor
Neighbor Cards of equal numerical value no longer match. They only match cards of a value either higher or lower by 1. 1
Uno-house rule-Team Match
Team Match Each player has a partner. If one of them wins, both players win. 10
Uno-house rule-Peace Card
Peace Card When you play this card, action cards will have no effect in the next two turns. 1
Uno-house rule-Sudden Death Card
Sudden Death Card After playing this card, anyone that draws a card will be eliminated. 1
Uno-house rule-Donate Card
Donate Card When you play this card, give a random card from your hand to a player of your choice. 1
Uno-house rule-Trade Card
Trade Card When you play this card, you exchange cards with a player of your choice. 1
Uno-house rule-Treadmill Card
Treadmill Card When you play this card, everyone passes their cards to the next player. 1
Uno-house rule-Dancing Chairs Card
Dancing Chairs Card When you play this card, all the other players' chairs randomly change positions. 1
Uno-house rule-Clairvoyance Card
Clairvoyance Card When you play this card, every other player will reveal a random card of their hand. 1
Uno-house rule-Rain Card
Rain Card When you play this card, all other players draw 1 card. 1
Uno-house rule-Equality Card
Equality Card When you play this card, every player either draws or discards cards until everyone has 3 cards. 1
Uno-house rule-Emote Card
Emote Card When you play this card, everyone must perform the emote being shown. The last player to do so, draws 2 cards. 1
Uno-house rule-Meep! Card
Meep! Card When you play this card, you gain the Meep power! 1
Uno-house rule-Mysterious Card
Mysterious Card This card activates a random effect when played. 1
Uno-house rule-Bomb Card
Bomb Card If you draw this card, you get eliminated. 1
Uno-house rule-Rule Card
Rule Card When you play this card, add a new rule to the current round. 1
Uno-house rule-Mad Chess
Mad Chess If you play a chess piece over another piece, activate the previous piece's effect. Click here to see the various effects. 1
Uno-house rule-Recycling Card
Recycling Card When you play this card, every other player discards 1 action card and draws 1 card, provided they own one. 1
Uno-house rule-Web Card
Web Card When you play this card, chose a player who will lose his next turn. 1
Uno-house rule-Thunder Card
Thunder Card When you play this card, two random players draw 1-5 cards. 1
Uno-house rule-Cloning Card
Cloning Card This card activates the same effect as the previous card. 1
Uno-house rule-Luck Card
Luck Card When you play this card, you can choose the next card that you draw (unless it's due to a penalty). 1
Uno-house rule-Gift Card
Gift Card When you play this card, everyone gains a Mystery Card, which activates a random effect. 1
Uno-house rule-Wish Card
Wish Card When you play this card, you exchange a random card from your hand with one from the discard pile. 1
Uno-house rule-Ink Card
Ink Card When you play this card, every colored card on the next player's hand turns the color of your ink card. 1
Uno-house rule-Confusion Card
Confusion Card When you play this card, you will play a random card on your next turn. 1
Uno-house rule-Potato Card
Potato Card When you play this card, put it to a player's hand. Whoever keeps this card in hand for 5 turns will be eliminated. 1
Uno-house rule-Curse Card
Curse Card When you play this card, inflict a random curse to everyone for a few turns. 1
Uno-house rule-Magnet Card
Magnet Card When you play this card, discard every card that has your magnet card's color. 1

Mad ChessEdit

Image Name Description
Uno-house rule-Mad Chess-Pawn
Pawn The previous player draws 1 card.
Uno-house rule-Mad Chess-Rook
Rook The previous player draws 2 cards.
Uno-house rule-Mad Chess-Knight
Knight Reverse the game, the next player draws 1 card and loses their turn.
Uno-house rule-Mad Chess-Bishop
Bishop Give 1 random card from your hand to the previous player.
Uno-house rule-Mad Chess-Queen
Queen The previous player will draw cards until they have 10 cards.
Uno-house rule-Mad Chess-King
King Give all your cards, except one, to the previous player.


Settings can be accessed in the bottom left corner menu, or by pressing O.

  • Colorblind Mode (may cause lag)
  • Ring bell on your turn
  • Card shadows (may cause lag)

Cards and their effectsEdit

Card Effect when played
Skip The next player will lose his/her turn.
Draw Two This card makes the next player draw two cards and lose his/her turn. If the next player has this card, he/she can discard it and the next player will need to draw two cards if he/she does not have this card.
Reverse This card changes the direction of the game. If there are only two players, it'll have the same effect as the skip card.
Wild You can discard this card at any point of time in the game. You have the power of choosing the colour of the card the next player has to discard.
Wild Draw Four You can discard a Wild Draw Four card when you don't have a matching card left. The next player can challenge an unfair Wild Draw Four card (if the last player discarded this card when he/she still has a matching card. If the player challenged correctly, the player who will have to draw four cards is the one who discarded it and the player who received the Wild Draw Four card will not lose his/her turn. However, if the player challenged wrongly, he/she will have to draw six cards.

These are the cards you may get in your deck:

Challenge Edit

If you discard a Wild Draw Four Card and a player Challenges you correctly, you will get 4 cards.

If you discard a Wild Draw Four Card and a player Challenges you wrongly, the player will get 6 cards.

Wild Draw Four

If someone challenges you when you did not press UNO (when you only have 1 card left), you will get 2 cards. So be careful!

Chairs Edit

You can change the style of your chair by pressing "Inventory" at the bottom right corner or C and selecting the style that you want!

List of chairsEdit


Locked chair

A list of all chairs, their corresponding quote, and how to unlock them.

Image Name Quote Unlocked by
Uno-chair-Gray Armchair Gray Armchair Better than sitting on the floor. Default
Uno-chair-Red Armchair Red Armchair For those who believe in the heart of red cards. Winning with a red card
Uno-chair-Blue Armchair Blue Armchair Stay calm and ... Hey, don't show me that blue +2. Winning with a blue card
Uno-chair-Yellow Armchair Yellow Armchair Wealth's color? I hope it isn't a wealth of cards. Winning with a yellow card
Uno-chair-Green Armchair Green Armchair Nobody likes green, but it's always on the table. Winning with a green card
Uno-chair-White Armchair White Armchair We don't have black armchairs, so take this. Winning with a wild
Uno-chair-Fire Throne Fire Throne HOT! Winning 100 times with a red card
Uno-chair-Water Throne Water Throne Get rid of the cheese before you sit down. Winning 100 times with a blue card
Uno-chair-Earth Throne Earth Throne If it rains it will become the Mud Throne. Winning 100 times with a yellow card
Uno-chair-Air Throne Air Throne Hey, you are sitting on thin air! Winning 100 times with a green card
Uno-chair-Rainbow Throne Rainbow Throne It has all the colors except for the one you need. Winning 100 times with a wild
Uno-chair-Wooden Chair Wooden Chair You play so much that there's a bench in the town square with your name. Playing 100 games
Uno-chair-Stone Bench Stone Bench A little uncomfortable, but you don't even care after awhile. Playing 1000 games
Uno-chair-Golden Throne Golden Throne It's a trophy, but mice use it as furniture. Winning 100 times
Uno-chair-Diamond Throne Diamond Throne It's cold and you are certain that won't be stolen because it's buried in the ground. Winning 1000 times
Uno-chair-King Throne King Throne No one orders the king to draw cards. Winning blocking a +2 or +4
Uno-chair-Lucky Throne Lucky Throne You have to be lucky to get this one. Winning without drawing any cards
Uno-chair-Angelic Throne Angelic Throne Good mice don't leave others waiting. Winning without the timer appearing during your turn
Uno-chair-Junk Throne Junk Throne You thought the game was lost? Winning after accumulating 15+ cards in your hand
Uno-chair-Shaman Throne Shaman Throne Do not play against a Shaman, if you play a +4 he will return a cannon. Accumulating 3000 points in a room
Uno-chair-Beach Chair Beach Chair You don't have to look for a chair if you bring your own. Think about it. Watching 100 games
Uno-chair-Cinema Chair Cinema Chair Prepare your popcorn because the fight is about to start! Watching 1000 games
Uno-chair-Hell Throne Hell Throne I saw that smile, your seat in Hell has been reserved! Making someone draw 16 cards at once
Uno-chair-Cards Throne Cards Throne At least you got this chair. Drawing 16 cards at once
Uno-chair-Candy Throne Candy Throne You can play after lunch. Unlocking all the house rules
Uno-chair-Cheese Throne Cheese Throne It's soft and it comes with a cup holder. Staying on the top 10 of the weekly ranking
Uno-chair-Fraise Throne Fraise Throne PAY TO WIN! Winning with a fraise
Uno-chair-Illuminati Throne Illuminati Throne 4 +4 = 8, 8 divided by 8 chairs = 1, 1 +2 = 3, conspiracy confirmed. Have all four +4 cards in your hand
Uno-chair-Gift Throne Gift Throne Oh, will you not open the gifts? Winning donating a card from your hand
Uno-chair-Bog Bog Too late, it's busy Finishing a match without having the opportunity to play
Uno-chair-Iron Throne Iron Throne Spoiler: you lose in the next season Winning 3 +4's challenges in a row without losing
Uno-chair-Throne of Gluttony Throne of Gluttony It tastes like victory. Winning 250 team matches
Uno-chair-Skull Throne Skull Throne It's no scarier than a +4. Winning by elimination
Uno-chair-School Chair School Chair Be careful not to hit the teacher with your +2. Sitting on the same chair 3 times in a row
Uno-chair-Time Throne Time Throne Go back in time as many times as you want. The victory was already predestined. Winning by time expiration
Uno-chair-Pencil Throne Pencil Throne It will be blue even if I have to paint it! Playing a Wild Card over another 100 times
Uno-chair-Ivory Throne Ivory Throne Check! I mean... Uno! Killing 50 pieces on Mad Chess rule
Uno-chair-Party Throne Party Throne The music is good, I'll be sitting here playing UNO. Randomly by playing on private rooms