Souris - Juge

/tribunal is a special chat command that was added in V1.189. It redirects you to a room identified as "*?". Each player has the nickname "Souris" and shamans have the title « Little Mouse »(0) to remain anonymous.


Once in tribunal, mouse suspected of cheating will be highlighted (in the same way as the control / watch) and will be followed in all the rooms they go. It is then possible to specify whether the mouse was cheating with three buttons.

Title Icon Condition
Guilty Coupable The mouse is really cheating.
Not guilty Non coupable The mouse suspected of cheating is not shown to be cheating at all. It is normal behavior.
I don't know Je ne sais pas It is indistinguishable whether the mouse was cheating or not, this may be due to lag. More often than not, it is best to use this choice.


Once the mouse is judged, a new mouse, in a new area, will be highlighted again for cheating until the court is left.

If the user has decided that the mouse was guilty, then it will help the moderators to track down cheaters.


  • No cheese can be obtained in tribunal.
  • Tribunal is French for court.