Follow the tips in this style guide to help keep the Transformice Wiki easy to read. In addition, Wikipedia's Manual of Style is a great resource for fundamental editing tips and rules. The style guide may be used to ajudicate disagreements between users over editing style.


  • Use headings for new topics so that they can be linked to more easily, as well as to split content in a consistent format.
  • Do not copy information directly from other websites.
  • All articles should be written in a neutral point of view; articles should not contain opinions (e.g., obviously, unfortunately, surprisingly, fortunately, luckily) nor words such as I, my, or we.
  • This is an English wiki; do not write anything in a language other than English.
  • This wiki formats numbers using commas for a thousands separator, and periods for a decimal point.


When writing, consider the reading level of this wiki's broad target age group, which includes young children. Using a simple register and easy-to-follow structure is recommended.

Otherwise, it is generally safe to follow the style guidelines outlined by Wikipedia's Manual of Style.


Use the day before month format (1 May 2010) rather than the month before day format (mm/dd, yyyy - May 1st, 2010). Note that no commas are used in the day before month format. Atelier 801 (French/UK) and most of the world uses the day before month format, and Atelier 801 uses this format on their forum.


This section is a stub. Please help expand it. Images should avoid displaying the usernames of players when possible.


Personal imagesEdit

Images should not be uploaded to this wiki to be used only on user pages, blogs, the forum, comments, etc. Instead, these images should be uploaded to Imgur, and the Imgur link ( should be posted directly on the page to be displayed, or can be resized using {{extimage}}. External images should not be used on article pages.

Personal images are those not intended for use on article pages.


Post removalEdit

Removing and/or hiding a post of yours on a message wall or comment section is allowed, but not if it is made in bad faith, such as to prevent humiliation (which may prevent others from seeing a mistake and learning from it) or to offset some other comment removals on said post.

A resolved post is different from a hidden post for such reason.

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