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Transformice is a free online multiplayer game created by Melibellule and Tigrounette owned by Atelier 801. The objective of this game is to collect cheese playing as a mouse character, and take it back to the hole in exchange for a currency, not surprisingly named cheese. This cheese can be spent on items, map creation or other things, such as starting up a tribe of mice. In the majority of maps, a shaman is needed to aid in getting the mice to the cheese and into the mouse hole, using wide selection of tools that can be conjured by the shaman to create various contraptions to get to the cheese.


[edit news] For a full list of all the game's updates, view Updates; and for a list of previous events, view Events.

[1.246] Fishing Event 2015 3 June 2015
"We found fragments of the past in the depths of the ocean. We would have asked Indiana Mouse to recover them for us but unfortunately he's still being hold by the natives..."
[1.241] Election system 15 May 2015
Election ballot box
The new Election system has been released, and is live right now! Vote for a player that's in your "community" (same fur), and give them a shot at being president!
[1.238] Children's Day Event 2015 24 April 2015
The Children's Day Event is back with a new map and new titles! The Easter event will still continue in-game.
[Other] Tig's "Ludum Dare" game - Mouton 20 April 2015
Tig made a cute little game for the "Ludum Dare"; it's goal is to be a sheep and make it to the fence on the right!... but it's never that easy, now is is? [Play Now] (Discuss on Twitter)

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