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Traitor is a mini-game in which some mice are traitors (1-4), and the rest are innocent. When you are innocent, traitors can kill you. So watch out and look carefully at who touches you, as well as those around you on the map.

  • Winning (Traitor) - When all innocent mice have been killed and there is at least one traitor left alive, the traitors win.
  • Winning (Innocent) - When all traitors are dead and there's at least 1 innocent mouse alive, all innocents win.

Suspecting TraitorsEdit

To see who is currently being suspected of being a traitor by checking the user list. The score represents the number of votes. Once a person is suspected enough times (3, unless there are under 11 mice in the room, in which it's 2), their name turns red, and everyone is notified via chat that they can now be killed, even if they are innocent. The suspected mice can then be killed by other (living) players by pressing space near them.

You should be careful who you suspect, however, as the more often you suspect (not counting if you withdraw suspicion before they die) / kill an innocent, they less likely you are to be a traitor in following rounds.


Being TraitorEdit

Screenshot from 2014-05-27 14-40-33

What game tells you when you are chosen to be a traitor.

As a traitor, your goal is to bite innocent mice (using Space), who will then die in three seconds. But be careful! If people notice you and think your suspicious they can vote that you're a traitor. When you get too many votes, your name becomes red and other mice can kill you with Space. You must bite someone every minute or else you will die. It is not possible to "bite" other traitors. It take a few seconds before you can bite again.

Tip: If you can't bite someone near you, it means that he/she is a traitor too.

Tip: Before you bite someone, you should make sure there is at least one other mouse nearby to make it harder to detect who the traitor is.

Tip: Try to mix up with the other mice, and be sure to also 'suspect' other mice to drag suspicion away from you.

Traitors can also converse with each other through the "traitor chat" using !tc [message], which can be useful even in just figuring out who your fellow traitors are, and using it to your advantage.

Tip: It can be useful to be near another traitor, so that people don't know which one of you is the traitor (as unless 2 people near you die simultaneously, people generally assume only one of you is guilty). This generally works as most people try not to vote unless they are quite sure who it is.

'Tip: If you don't want to be noticed, try to bite someone in a croud of people. It will seem as if someone else is traitor not you. If you go after one mouse everyone will notice that, for example, Elise is the traitor.

Being InnocentEdit


What game tells you when you are innocent.

When you are innocent, traitors can bite you, which will result in you dying three seconds later. Look carefully at who touches you, and try to make sure nobody is by you. As an innocent, you should trust no one. If you suspect that someone is a traitor, say "![Playername]" (Ex. !Souris). You only get to vote once and when a suspected traitor's name is red, you can go and kill them with Space, if alive. You may only suspect one person at a time (until you withdraw your suspicion or they die).

Tip: If you voted someone accidentally, pressing Tab will retract your suspicion and you can vote another one again.

Tip: If someone has a long / complicated name, you can click their name in chat / the user list, "whisper" them, then instead delete the "/c " and put an "!".

Tip: If a player is running around and people they pass die, they may be a traitor; however, people sitting still can be traitors as well, possible "blaming" it on a mouse who is running around.

Tip: Do not follow the spy if there is one as it is very crowded near there.

Tip: Even if you are dead, you can still suspect mice.

Being SpyEdit

Spies are identified by their blue names. Spies are innocent mice that every 20 seconds can hit Ctrl and give everyone a clue where the traitor is (which is done by the game indicating with arrows). Due to this, as well as everyone knowing they are innocent, traitors often try to eliminate them if possible. A spy's vote also counts as 2 votes instead of 1, but watch out, traitors will try to kill you!


  • I - Displays the instructions.
  • O - Shows you the statistics from the last round. "Better stats increase the chance of becoming a traitor a tiny bit!"
  • Space - Allows you to bite an innocent (if traitor) or kill a traitor (if innocent and if the traitor has enough [2-3, depending on number of players] people suspecting them).
  • Tab - Retracts your suspicion of another mouse. This also lets you suspect a new person.
  • Ctrl - Can trigger a hint indicating who is a traitor (if spy).
  • ![username] (in chatbox) - allows you to suspect
  • !tc [message] (in chatbox) - allows traitors to converse without others knowing. You must be alive for it to work. If used when you're dead or innocent, no text will be displayed onscreen.


  • Sometimes innocent mice aren't able to kill a traitor even if all the conditions are met.
  • Guests cannot bite or be killed.
  • If a traitor bites and there's nobody there, he may bite someone that is clearly away the traitor.

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