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For titles used inside a tribe, see Tribe#Rankings.

Titles are unlockable words or phrases that you can apply to your mouse. All players always start with one title (Little Mouse) and may earn more by reaching specific goals. You can achieve as many titles as you want, but may only assign one to your mouse at any time. Titles normally do not expire, are always kept when used, and are displayed on your profile when you unlock them.


If you achieve a title multiple times, stars are added to the end of it. This means if you unlock all the titles in the category, you will start to unlock all the other titles again, but instead with a star.

For example, if a user unlocks the title 'Superstar' at buying 22 accessories, if the person buys another accessory, they will get 'Nice Mouse ★' and so on. This only applies to some titles, including some old event titles, Bootcamp Titles as well as Accessory titles

Managing Titles

To manage your title, type in "/title" while in-game and you will see a list of titles that you have unlocked. To change your title type "/title #". For example, "/title 0" to use the "Little Mouse" title.

List of Titles

This section contains a list of titles that are currently known, categorized by the way you achieve them. There may be undiscovered or unachieved titles that are missing from the list below.

Collecting Cheese Titles

# Title Achievement
0 Little Mouse Starting title.
5 Greedy Mouse Gather 5 cheese.
6 Here ! Cheese ! Gather 20 cheese.
7 Yeeeeah Cheese ^^ Gather 100 cheese.
8 Cheeeeeese *-* Gather 200 cheese.
35 Activist Mouse Gather 300 cheese.
36 Unionized Mouse Gather 400 cheese.
37 Mouse on Strike Gather 500 cheese.
26 Glutton Mouse Gather 600 cheese.
27 Gleany Gather 700 cheese.
28 Plumpy Mouse Gather 800 cheese.
29 Paunchy Mouse Gather 900 cheese.
30 Chubby Mouse Gather 1,000 cheese.
31 Fluffy Mouse Gather 1,100 cheese.
32 Tubby Mouse Gather 1,200 cheese.
33 The Chubby Gather 1,300 cheese.
34 The Puffy Gather 1,400 cheese.
38 The Cheese Initiated Gather 1,500 cheese.
39 The Cheese Adept Gather 1,600 cheese.
40 The Cheese Priest Gather 1,700 cheese.
41 The Reaper Gather 1,800 cheese.
72 Cheese Finder Gather 2,000 cheese.
73 Cheese Knight Gather 2,300 cheese.
74 Cheesegrubber Gather 2,700 cheese.
75 Fatty Gather 3,200 cheese.
76 Stout Mouse Gather 3,800 cheese.
77 Cheese Lover Gather 4,600 cheese.
78 Camembert Gather 6,000 cheese.
79 Pont-L'Évêque Gather 7,000 cheese.
80 Cheese Catcher Gather 8,000 cheese.
81 It's Over 9000 Gather 9,001 cheese.
82 Collector Gather 10,000 cheese.
83 Cheeseleader Gather 14,000 cheese.
84 Cheese Thief Gather 18,000 cheese.
85 Cheese Creator Gather 22,000 cheese.
86 Cheese Pizza Gather 26,000 cheese.
87 Cheese Minister Gather 30,000 cheese.
88 Prodigy Mouse Gather 34,000 cheese.
89 Princess Of Transformice Gather 38,000 cheese.
90 Cheesoholic Gather 42,000 cheese.
91 The Cheesen One Gather 46,000 cheese.
92 Sailor Mouse Gather 50,000 cheese.
234 Om Nom Nom Gather 55,000 cheese.
235 *-* Gather 60,000 cheese.
236 Cheese Addict Gather 65,000 cheese.
237 Cheesus Gather 70,000 cheese.
238 Queen of Cheese Gather 75,000 cheese.
93 MAH CHEESE! Gather 80,000 cheese.

Gathering Cheese First Titles

Note: Firsts count on rooms with at least 11 mice total.

# Achievement Title
9 Gather 1 cheese first total. Fast Mouse
10 Gather 10 cheese first total. Agile Mouse
11 Gather 100 cheese first total. Pirate Mouse
12 Gather 200 cheese first total. Ninja Mouse
42 Gather 300 cheese first total. Rogue Mouse
43 Gather 400 cheese first total. Looter
44 Gather 500 cheese first total. Stalker
45 Gather 600 cheese first total. Frothy Mouse
46 Gather 700 cheese first total. The Silent
47 Gather 800 cheese first total. Hawk Mouse
48 Gather 900 cheese first total. Cobra Mouse
49 Gather 1,000 cheese first total. Spidermouse
50 Gather 1,100 cheese first total. Quick Silver
51 Gather 1,200 cheese first total. Athletic Mouse
52 Gather 1,400 cheese first total. Hasty Mouse
53 Gather 1,600 cheese first total. Rocket Mouse
54 Gather 1,800 cheese first total. Sonic The Mouse
55 Gather 2,000 cheese first total. Pingless
56 Gather 2,200 cheese first total. Kamikaze
57 Gather 2,400 cheese first total. Warrior Mouse
58 Gather 2,600 cheese first total. Mach 1
59 Gather 2,800 cheese first total. Hunter
60 Gather 3,000 cheese first total. First!
61 Gather 3,200 cheese first total. Sniper
62 Gather 3,400 cheese first total. Flash
63 Gather 3,600 cheese first total. Supermouse
64 Gather 3,800 cheese first total. Light Speed
65 Gather 4,000 cheese first total. Time Traveler
66 Gather 4,500 cheese first total. Fast Wind
67 Gather 5,000 cheese first total. E=MouseC²
68 Gather 5,500 cheese first total. Jumper
69 Gather 6,000 cheese first total. The Untouchable
231 Gather 7,000 cheese first total. Dynamite
232 Gather 8,000 cheese first total. Speedmaster
233 Gather 9,000 cheese first total. Whirlwind
70 Gather 10,000 cheese first total. Wall-Jumper
224 Gather 12,000 cheese first total. Sprinter
225 Gather 14,000 cheese first total. Batmouse
226 Gather 16,000 cheese first total. The Unseen
227 Gather 18,000 cheese first total. Unstoppable
202 Gather 20,000 cheese first total. The Wind Master
228 Gather 25,000 cheese first total. ¡Ándale! ¡Ándale!
229 Gather 30,000 cheese first total. Torpedo
230 Gather 35,000 cheese first total. Speedy Gorgonzola
71 Gather 40,000 cheese first total. LIGHTNING

Saving Mice (as Shaman) Titles

# Achievement Title
1 Save 10 mice. Shaman Disciple
2 Save 100 mice. Accomplished Shaman
3 Save 1,000 mice. Shaman
4 Save 2,000 mice. Shaman Master
13 Save 3,000 mice. Inspired Shaman
14 Save 4,000 mice. Shaman Champion
15 Save 5,000 mice. Glorious Shaman
16 Save 6,000 mice. Shaman Duchess
17 Save 7,000 mice. Shaman Princess
18 Save 8,000 mice. Shaman Empress
19 Save 9,000 mice. Legendary Shaman
20 Save 10,000 mice. Immortal Shaman
21 Save 11,000 mice. The Chosen Shaman
22 Save 12,000 mice. Holy Shaman
23 Save 13,000 mice. Shaman Oracle
24 Save 14,000 mice. Shaman Prophet
25 Save 15,000 mice. Shamarvelous
94 Save 16,000 mice. Ancient Shaman
95 Save 18,000 mice. Fearless Shaman
96 Save 20,000 mice. Almight Shaman
97 Save 22,000 mice. Architect Shaman
98 Save 24,000 mice. Mademoiselle
99 Save 26,000 mice. Lady Chamane
100 Save 28,000 mice. Loved
101 Save 30,000 mice. Magician
102 Save 35,000 mice. Hero of Mice
103 Save 40,000 mice. Angel Shaman
104 Save 45,000 mice. The Creator
105 Save 50,000 mice. Absolute Shaman
106 Save 55,000 mice. Miraculous Shaman
107 Save 60,000 mice. Liberator
108 Save 65,000 mice. Troll Shaman
109 Save 70,000 mice. Ghost Shaman
110 Save 75,000 mice. Spirit
111 Save 80,000 mice. Demigodess Shaman
112 Save 85,000 mice. Last Hope
113 Save 90,000 mice. Redeemer
200 Save 100,000 mice. Goddess Shaman
114 Save 140,000 mice. Alpha & Omega

Saving Mice in Hard Mode Titles

# Title Achievement
213 Decorator Save 500 mice in hard mode.
214 Builder Save 2,000 mice in hard mode.
215 Manufacturer Save 4,000 mice in hard mode.
216 Technician Save 7,000 mice in hard mode.
217 Mechanic Save 10,000 mice in hard mode.
218 Specialist Save 14,000 mice in hard mode.
219 Inventor Save 18,000 mice in hard mode.
220 Engineer Save 22,000 mice in hard mode.
221 Inventive Mouse Save 26,000 mice in hard mode.
222 Ingenious Mouse Save 30,000 mice in hard mode.
223 Virtuoso Save 34,000 mice in hard mode.

Divine Mode Saves

Title Achievement
Smart Save 500 mice in divine mode
Mice's friend Save 2,000 mice in divine mode
Professor Save 4,000 mice in divine mode
Designer Save 7,000 mice in divine mode
Mysterious Save 10,000 mice in divine mode
Shamazing Save 15,000 mice in divine mode
Cheese Detector Save 20,000 mice in divine mode
The Brain Save 25,000 mice in divine mode
Majestic Save 30,000 mice in divine mode
Divinity Save 40,000 mice in divine mode

Bootcamp Completion Titles †

There needs to be at least 15+(confirm) mice in the room for a bootcamp to count towards the title.

# Title Achievement
256 Rookie Complete 1 Map
257 Neophyte Complete 3 different Maps
258 Private Complete 5 different Maps
259 Deft Mouse Complete 7 different Maps
260 Solo Artist Complete 10 different Maps
261 Corporal Complete 15 different Maps
262 Accurate Mouse Complete 20 different Maps
263 Bootcampeur Complete 25 different Maps
264 Sergeant Complete 30 different Maps
265 Corner Jumper Complete 40 different Maps
266 Skilled Mouse Complete 50 different Maps
??? Lieutenant Complete 60 different Maps
??? Longjumper Complete 70 different Maps
??? Incredimouse Complete 80 different Maps
??? Bootcamp Addict Complete 90 different Maps
??? Captain Complete 100 different Maps
??? Wallpusher Complete ? different Maps
??? Dexterous Mouse Complete 120 different Maps
??? Maniac Complete 140 different Maps
??? Major Complete 160 different Maps
??? Cheese Artist Complete 180 different Maps
??? Acrobat Complete 200 different Maps
??? Colonel Complete 250 different Maps
??? Shortcutter Complete 300 different Maps
??? Tarzan Complete 350 different Maps
??? Général Complete 400 different Maps
??? Living Legend Complete 500 different Maps
??? stuntmouse Complete 600 different Maps
??? Pro Complete 700 different Maps
??? Chuck Souris Complete 800 different Maps
??? Queen of bootcamp Complete 900 different Maps
??? Gravity master Complete 1000 different Maps

Buying Accessories Titles †

Note: "Accessories" constitute any item you can buy in the store.

# Title Achievement
115 Nice Mouse Buy 1 accessory in the Shop.
116 Adorable Mouse Buy 2 accessories in the Shop.
117 Charming Mouse Buy 4 accessories in the Shop.
118 Pretty Mouse Buy 6 accessories in the Shop.
119 Cute Mouse Buy 8 accessories in the Shop.
120 Frivolous Mouse Buy 10 accessories in the Shop.
121 Snob Mouse Buy 12 accessories in the Shop.
122 Stylish Mouse Buy 14 accessories in the Shop.
123 Actress Mouse Buy 16 accessories in the Shop.
124 Fashion Mouse Buy 18 accessories in the Shop.
125 Sexy Buy 20 accessories in the Shop.
126 SuperStar Buy 22 accessories in the Shop.

Event Titles

Children's Day 2015

# Name Obtaining
323 Childish Mouse Place 20 decorations
360 Model Student Place 50 decorations

Easter 2015

# Title Achievement
357 King's Pastry Chef Survive in the special map once.
321 Cocoa Survive in the special map 3 times.
322 Egg Hunter Survive in the special map 5 times.
320 Cock-a-doodle-doo Survive in the special map 15 times.
356 Caramel Duchess Survive in the special map 20 times.
359 Candy Lord Survive in the special map 30 times.
358 Cake Face Survive in the special map 50 times.
295 Chicken Unknown
255 Chocobunny Unknown
254 Chocovore Unknown
355 Angry Mouse Kills everyone as shaman in the special map once.

Easter 2014

Title Achievement
Chocovore Gather 1 egg(s) in the Easter event
Chocobunny Gather 3 egg(s) in the Easter event
Cacao Gather 10 egg(s) in the Easter event
Cocorico Gather 20 egg(s) in the Easter event
Chicken Gather 50 egg(s) in the Easter event
Egg hunter Gather 100 egg(s) in the Easter event

Valentine's Day 2014

Title Achievement
Alluring Mouse Say 5 phrases correctly on the event map
Omelettovore Say 10 phrases correctly on the event map
Just Married Say 20 phrases correctly on the event map
My Cutie Pie Say 40 phrases correctly on the event map
Latin Lover Say 60 phrases correctly on the event map
Broken Heart Say 80 phrases correctly on the event map
I Cheese You Say 100 phrases correctly on the event map
Temptress Say 150 phrases correctly on the event map
Candy Apple Say 200 phrases correctly on the event map
Fiancée Say 300 phrases correctly on the event map
Honeymoon Say 500 phrases correctly on the event map

Children's Day 2014

Title Achievement
Childish Mouse Collect 20 flags on the Children's Day map

Fishing Event 2014

Title Achievement
All Aboard! Complete relic A
Best Trainer Complete relic B
Indiana Mouse Complete relic C
What the Fish Complete relic D
Fromagic Complete relic F
Yeeehaaaa! Complete relic G
herp derp Complete relic I
Captain Nemouse Complete relic J

Fishing Event 2013

Title Achievement
Explorer Fish in pond in the clouds
Sardine Fish in the ponds at the top of the cave
Fishermouse Fish in the ponds at the top of the forest or in the top right pond in the cave
Adorer Wear the Fish bones and the Fisher hat, go to the shaman inside the cave on the fishing map and say "Elisah"

April Fools' Day

# Title Achievement
253 Tonnerre de Brest Complete the 2012 April Fools' day map

Carnaval 2014

Title Achievement
Carnaval 2014 Complete the Carnaval map 1 time(s)
Churros Complete the Carnaval map 20 time(s)
Partygoer Complete the Carnaval map 30 time(s)

Halloween Titles 2014

# Title Achievement
Casper Get 3 cannonballs on the left slot machine
Pumpkin Pie Get 3 skulls on the center slot machine
Ghostbuster Get 3 balls on the right slot machine
346 Zombie Defeat the cat once
Vampire Slayer Use the roses & spike next to Drekkemaus
Spooky On the Grim's Mansion map, eat all the pumpkins then go to the Grim Reaper
Sweet Tooth Eat 25 candies with white wings on the Vampire Halloween map

Halloween Titles 2013

Title Achievement
Vampire Defeat the cat twice
Frankenmaus Play the slot machine on the left
Bonbon *-* Play the center slot machine
Pumpkin Juice Play the center slot machine
Trick or Treats Play the slot machine on the right
Poltergeist Play the slot machine on the right
Halloween 2012 Defeat the cat once
Halloween 2013 Defeat the cat once
Von Drekkemaus Say "vampire" in room chat while standing under the portrait of Archain Von Drekkemaus

Christmas Titles 2014

Title Achievement
Gingerbread Complete relic B
Wintry Complete relic H
Polar Mouse Complete relic I
Big Turkey Complete relic J
Christmas Savior Collect all the gifts and carrots and then bring them to Santa Claus

Christmas Titles 2013

Title Achievement
Candy Cane Give 350 presents away
Fairy Lights Give 400 presents away
Papaille Noel Give 50 presents to Papaille or Jingle on the Christmas map.
Elfette Collect and give 100 toys to an elf on the toy factory map
Ange des Neiges Win 5 times on the snowball fight map

Christmas Titles 2012

Title Achievement
Snowball Give 10 presents away
I'm cold Give 40 presents away
Grilled Chestnut Give 100 presents away
Chaussette Give 160 presents away
Souris Sapin Give 240 presents away
Cookies Eater Give 500 presents away

Christmas Titles 2011 †

# Title Achievement
127 Little Snowflake Be kissed under the mistletoe 1 times
128 Christmas Spirit Be kissed under the mistletoe 5 times
129 Little Pixie Be kissed under the mistletoe 15 times
130 Santa Claus Be kissed under the mistletoe 30 times
240 Cookies Be kissed under the mistletoe 45 times
241 Christmas Cake Be kissed under the mistletoe 60 times
242 Whitebeard Be kissed under the mistletoe 85 times
243 Generous Be kissed under the mistletoe 100 times
244 Snowy Be kissed under the mistletoe 120 times
Snowstorm Be kissed under the mistletoe 200 times

2011 Transformice Cosplay Contest

Note: The Cosplay Competition titles are discontinued and only exclusive to those who participated in the competition.

# Title Achievement
246 Dauphine Participate in the 2011 Transformice cosplay contest
247 Foxy Place top 5 in the 2011 Transformice cosplay contest
248 Miss Transformice Place first in the 2011 Transformice cosplay contest

Transformice Meetups

Title Achievement
Souris Lilloise Attend the March 2012 Transformice meetup. The title means "Mouse from Lille." Lille is the city where the meetup was held.


Title Achievement
Fromadmin Be a Transformice admin
Sourigami Be a Transformice admin
La Belette Be a Transformice admin
El Pinolero Be a Transformice admin
Kikoo Admin Be a Transformice admin
Queijadinha Be a Transformice admin
Dehset Admin Be a Transformice admin
La Goulue Be a Transformice admin
Souris Électrique Be a Transformice admin

† indicates which titles can unlocked multiple times with stars.

Bug Bug.Sometimes, when buying accessories, you may not get the title according to how many accessories you have bought.

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