Cheese Shaman Saves Other
Cheese Cheese Bootcamp Normal mode Hard Mode Divinemouse Shop-head1 Christmas 2015 - Preview Cosplay3 cropped Atelier 801 Logo
Total Cheese Gathered Cheese Gathered First Completed Bootcamps Normal Mode Hard Mode Divine Mode Shop Accessories Events / Adventures Other Admin

Cosplay ContestEdit

Note: The Cosplay Competition titles are discontinued and only exclusive to those who participated in the competition.

Cosplay Contests
# Male title Female title Achievement
246 Dauphine Participate in the cosplay contest 2011 or 2015
247 Foxy Place top 5 in the cosplay contest 2011 or 2015
248 Mister Transformice Miss Transformice Place first in the cosplay contest 2011 or 2015
374 Milky Mouse Send a photo with a costume of Milk Carton in the cosplay contest 2015

Transformice MeetupsEdit

# Title Achievement
252 Souris Lilloise Attend the March 2012 Transformice meetup. The title means "Mouse from Lille." Lille is the city where the meetup was held.

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