Cheese Shaman Saves Other
Cheese Cheese Bootcamp Normal mode Hard Mode Divinemouse Shop-head1 Christmas 2015 - Preview Cosplay3 cropped Atelier 801 Logo
Total Cheese Gathered Cheese Gathered First Completed Bootcamps Normal Mode Hard Mode Divine Mode Shop Accessories Events / Adventures Other Admin

Titles for bringing cheese to the hole in a bootcamp map. Bootcamps will not count as completed unless the room has four or more mice.

It is possible to earn stars (★) for this title series. E.g., if you complete 1,001 bootcamps, you will unlock "Rookie ★," and the final bootcamp title is "Gravity Master ★★★★★★★★," which is unlocked by completing 9,000 bootcamps.

# Male title Female title Achievement
256 Rookie Complete 1 bootcamp map
257 Neophyte Complete 3 bootcamp maps
258 Private Complete 5 bootcamp maps
259 Deft Mouse Complete 7 bootcamp maps
260 Solo Artist Complete 10 bootcamp maps
261 Corporal Complete 15 bootcamp maps
262 Accurate Mouse Complete 20 bootcamp maps
263 Bootcamper Complete 25 bootcamp maps
264 Sergeant Complete 30 bootcamp maps
265 Corner Jumper Complete 40 bootcamp maps
266 Skilled Mouse Complete 50 bootcamp maps
267 Lieutenant Complete 60 bootcamp maps
268 Longjumper Complete 70 bootcamp maps
269 Incredimouse Complete 80 bootcamp maps
270 Bootcamp Addict Complete 90 bootcamp maps
271 Captain Complete 100 bootcamp maps
272 Dexterous Mouse Complete 120 bootcamp maps
273 Maniac Complete 140 bootcamp maps
274 Major Complete 160 bootcamp maps
275 Cheese Artist Complete 180 bootcamp maps
276 Acrobat Complete 200 bootcamp maps
277 Colonel Complete 250 bootcamp maps
278 Shortcutter Complete 300 bootcamp maps
279 Tarzan Complete 350 bootcamp maps
280 Général Complete 400 bootcamp maps
281 Living Legend Complete 500 bootcamp maps
282 Stuntmouse Complete 600 bootcamp maps
283 Pro Complete 700 bootcamp maps
284 Chuck Souris Complete 800 bootcamp maps
285 King of Bootcamp Queen of Bootcamp Complete 900 bootcamp maps
286 Gravity Master Complete 1,000 bootcamp maps

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