The Three Shaman Queens are the trio of metaphorical deities that symbolize the three main skill trees.

They are essentially fictional representations of the Three Kings, who are said to have partaken in a journey to visit the baby Jesus in Nazareth two millennia ago. In their case, however, they went on a treacherous journey to visit Elisah under the guidance of the Cheese Moon (representing the North Star).

One of the three queens was said to have mistakenly given Elisah a slice of king cake rather than a loaf of cheese, but the "cake" might not actually be a lie, possibly having been a cheesecake, which is a combination of both foods. This tradition is what eventually led to the convention that mice should do the good deed of giving King Fromagnus lots of king cake, similar to how Elisah, who is also a sort of monarch, was given gifts in the same fashion.

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