The Cheese Moon is considered to be an almighty entity whom all mice please. At birth, each mouse is designated an astrological cheese under the Cheese Moon. The almighty moon has the ability to show mice which astrological cheese they have acquired from their fellow rodents. Rather than being called such because she is made out of cheese, the Cheese Moon received her name from her desire and love for cheese.

The almighty Cheese Moon is in reality a pretext for sharing and having fun with other mice. Rather than asking for ritual sacrifice, the moon asks for friendship among the mice as well as the reunification of all 12 astrological cheese.

Mice are given ten "zodiac sign" consumables upon high-fiving another mouse with a different zodiac sign on the New Year's 2016 adventure map, and it is said that the Cheese Moon is the one who supplies the mice with these.

Mice will also receive 5 adventure points in the 2017 hugging event for hugging someone with the astrological cheese as them.

The Three Shaman QueensEdit

On a journey to visit Elisah, the Three Shaman Queens looked towards the sacred Cheese Moon for guidance in reaching their destination. Had it not been for her, the queens may not have been able to supply Elisah with what would've been cheese (among other gifts), which would have resulted in the loss of the Epiphany holiday and tradition, and possibly the arrival of skills as given by Elisah herself.



  • It seems plausible that the Cheese Moon is female due to the New Year's 2016 announcement being primarily written in French, and since French nouns carry genders, a direct translation would result in the gender being carried on.
Map 666
Vampire Halloween
  • In the Halloween 2010 and another Halloween event maps' background the Cheese Moon is actually made out of cheese.