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The sync player (synchronization) is the player whom Transformice servers use as a reference to update the current state of objects and mice present in the room being played to all the other players.

There are two ideas about the sync selection. It is unknown what truly happens.

  • The server changes the current sync of the room when the current sync leaves.
  • Or every round the server changes the current sync of the room.

According to that player's connection, the synchronization can work with more or less problems. The more laggier the sync player is, the strangest the behavior of the objects in the room are.
Moderators can change the sync.[1]
In rooms with "shaman" in the name, you can set the sync if you are shaman.[citation needed]

List of known bad-sync issues Edit

  • Gravity not working properly, such as objects not ascending on water. Formerly this caused balloons to not rise.
  • Totem spawn delay.
  • Objects suddenly changing position. (Such as building planks making mice fall.)
  • The sync player usually can't get out of closed car maps.
  • If the sync player goes into the hole, the totem's nails will not spawn.