Warning: The shaman wants to eliminate all the mice! Be the last mouse standing to win.
― Transformice’s in-game description of Survivor
Survivor menu

Survivor as it looks like in the menu


Survivor is a game mode. Like the name implies, the objective of survivor is for the shaman to kill all the mice while the mice try to survive. Currently, new survivor maps are being accepted by the administrators.[confirm]

Survivor was originally a module run by Holz before becoming an official game mode in V1.46, 21 June 2012.

Gameplay Edit

The shaman will attempt to kill the mice using their creativity, brutality, and skills and items available to them while the mice try to survive until the round ends.

Maps Edit

Survivor - isolated


Survivor map with cheese

Map with cheese

Only survivor maps are played in survivor rooms, and most maps do not include cheese, and none include a Mouse Hole.

Usually, the maps are designed to fit the survivor theme. This includes grounds mice can wall jump on, bouncy cloud blocks for cannonballs, high areas reached only by jumping on cannons, etc..

In some maps, the shaman might be isolated from other mice, preventing "hugging" (mice sticking close to shaman, so the shaman has to endanger himself to kill the mice) and ease the task to kill all mice.

Vampire survivor maps will be played every 10 shaman survivor maps.

Survivor maps always start with a 90 seconds timer, and bonus time from Spiritual Guide's Additional Time skill won't give any effect, and time left will be set to 20 seconds if all vampires/the shaman dies while there are more than 20 seconds left.

Mice Edit

The mice's objective is to survive the round until the timer ends. Avoid objects summoned by the shaman that may kill you, and don't stay too close to the shaman to avoid meeping (see below).

Wall Jumping is mostly required, the mice can also use the cannon summoned by the shaman to reach higher places, which will increase the chance of survival.

Shaman Edit

The shaman of a round is chosen from the highest score in the scoreboard. The main objective of the shaman is to kill all other mice.

The main weapon of the shaman is cannonballs. The cannons are moved to the top of the summoning list, for convenience. The shaman can still build normally, like in normal rooms.

The ice cube is still available in the shaman inventory, although it is unusable since mice cannot enter any mouse hole. Portals are available, which might be used together with cannonballs for tricking mice. Skills that allow faster summoning or can kill mice easily, such as Reflex and Master Summoner, have no effect in survivor rooms.

Divine mode is disabled in survivor rooms due to its extremely high range. Hard mode and totems have also been disabled.

Meeping Edit

The shamans have a power called meep, which is used by pressing Space. Using meep will repel the mice surrounding you, and the closer the mice, the stronger the effect.

Meep was originally designed for dealing with "huggers" (people who stick too closely to the shaman). However, some huggers try to jump as often as they can to avoid being meeped out of the map, and also be launched to an higher area, increasing their chances of survival.


Using meep.

Meep has a cooldown time of approximately 8 seconds, the cooldown bar is only visible to the one with the ability, located on top of the mouse.

Meep is often frowned upon by some of the player-base, since it can be considered overpowered and "noob".


The mice should try to stay alive as long as possible until the timer ends, and the shaman should try to kill all the mice. It is impossible to get cheese and return to the hole, since maps don't have any mouse hole. Score gaining is different from normal rooms, as explained below.


Hugging (not to be confused with the hug animation) is a technique used by some mice in order to survive. Mice stay extremely close to the shaman so that they cannot be cannoned without the shaman running the risk of killing themselves. Often, this can get you killed as well as the Shamans can still use the "meep" ability. This technique is frowned upon by many players and often results in vote-bans.

Totem UsageEdit

Totems are commonly used in Survivor to make killing or blocking easier for Shamans. However, they are usually frowned upon by many mice. Recently, hard mode has been disabled in this mode so totems cannot be used.


Totem for survivor.

God TotemsEdit

Some totems or builds like the anvil god, cannon orbit (a set of 4 or 5 cannons connected to a ball by C or v nails, then the ball has a rotating world nail in the centre of it) or most other gods will usually result in a vote-ban. It can also lead into computer crashes or lagging.

(As of now using anvil gods or other potentially game-crashing builds can get you banned)


In survivor rooms, the highest score on the scoreboard will be the shaman, but the scoring system is different:

  • Death: +1
  • Vampire (in vampire maps)
  • Alive until time ends: +10

Vampire SurvivorEdit

A few times, Vampire Survivor maps will occur. In these types of maps, a random player is turned into a vampire. You can easily see who's the vampire by their different skin and their red nametags. If a vampire is on a mouse for a few seconds, that mouse turns into a vampire and have the ability to infect other mice that have not been turned into a vampire. If all vampire dies and time left is more than 20 seconds, the time left will be set to 20 seconds. Often, there is cheese spread around the map. This is there to trick you -- touching it will make you slower and easier to be caught by the Vampires!




Survivor has badges as its main rewards, and 20 experience points every time you kill all the mice as a shaman, or survive as a mouse.

If the shaman is dead, you get no rewards for surviving as a mouse.

Badges Edit

Image Obtaining Release Date
Surv Badge 1
Play 1000 Rounds of Survivor March 2015
Surv Badge 2
Be the Shaman 800 times. March 2015
Surv Badge 3
Kill 20000 Mice March 2015
Surv Badge 4
Survive 10000 Rounds March 2015

Cannonball CoinsEdit

Inventory 2260

After an update in 2016, it became possible to earn Cannonball Coins in survivor rooms to spend in a village room. Coins are earned for killing mice as shaman.

Von Drekkemouse
Cost Reward
100Inventory 2260 « Shinobi »(401)
150Inventory 2260 Macaron 23
200Inventory 2260 Badge 153
Cost Reward
50Inventory 2260 50Inventory 800


There are a number of glitches which an occur whilst playing in the room. The spirit glitch commonly occurs due to the increased use of spirit. Glitches which cause the shaman or mice to become invisible are also a regular occurrence. However, forcing one's self to become invisible is a ban-able offence.

Notes Edit

  • Most of the maps on this room have symmetry and have high places which can be reached by getting hit by a cannonball.
  • 6 or more mice in a the survivor room is needed to gain progression to unlock the badges, as well as gaining experience points.


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