Super spirit was significantly altered or removed after an update. This article is retained to provide information on past elements of Transformice.


The super spirit blasts mice away from it at high speed

The super spirit, also known as the red spirit, pink spirit or ghost spirit, was a stronger version of the standard white spirit, roughly 250% more powerful and with a 125% greater range. It was added on 5 August 2010 on V0.50, without being mentioned in any patch notes. It was soon removed on 8 August 2010 on V0.52, with an explanation on the official Twitter[1] later that day that it had been put into the game as a test. On 21 November 2010, the cosmetic addition of the Super Spirit was re-added, but did not contain any extra powers.

Super Spirit was activated by selecting spirit and then ghosting it (Space), turning it pink. While turning it pink is still possible, it doesn't do anything any longer, unless you have the Anti-spirit skill on the Mechanician skill tree that was added in 28 June 2013. However, Anti-spirit doesn't make your spirit more powerful but instead just inverts it to pull instead of push. So while Anti-spirit and Super Spirit shared the same mechanic, they are not the same.