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Spirit jump

Spirit jumping is a special combination of using spirits and jumping. While this is often done by a shaman (as they have full use of spirits), mice can do it as well with the aid of a shaman.


Spirit jumping is an easy combination of moves, but requires good timing.

  1. Summon a spirit underneath the target mouse, either your shaman or another mouse (you can use the hotkey 2).
  2. Jump. Try to jump when falling or at the highest point to get more air time.
  3. While the mouse is still in the air, start summoning a spirit somewhere underneath where the mouse will be in the air when the spirit activates.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3.

The spirits can be positioned slightly offset from under the mouse so that the mouse can be pushed left or right.

It is also possible to to use the Anti-spirit for spirit jumping instead of the regular spirit by putting the anti-spirit above the mouse instead of under.

With the Big Spirit skill, the spirit's area of effect will be larger, which means it will be easier to spirit jump.