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The spirit is a shaman item that creates a small explosion anywhere on the map, repelling all mice and physical items around it. The spirit is most commonly used to propel mice short distances, over gaps and small ledges. This is practically required on Map10. Unlike most shaman powers, it can be used from any distance. Spirit can't be used by shamans that are in hard mode.

Crane BugEven though there is a spawn circle, the spirit can be used everywhere in the map.


Shaman uses spirit to propel mice over the gap

Drawing Edit

Some users use third party programs to automatically hotkey the spirit and click in a distinct pattern so as to form an image. Smiley faces and hearts have been seen. It can be also used for trolling, by "drawing" inappropriate images.

Super Spirit Edit

Megaphone Main article: Super Spirit

The super spirit blasts mice away from it at high speed

While no longer in the game, the super spirit, also known as the red spirit, pink spirit or ghost spirit, was the stronger version of the standard white spirit. It was 250% more powerful and had a 125% greater range than its unghosted form. For the modern day ghosted spirit, see Anti-spirit below.

Anti-spirit Edit

Megaphone Main article: Anti-spirit

Anti-spirit is a skill in the Mechanician skill tree.
Instead of pushing mice away from it, it pulls mice towards it.

Big Spirit Edit

Megaphone Main article: Big Spirit

Big Spirit is a skill in the Mechanician skill tree.
It increases the area of effect of the spirit.

Bugs Edit

Objects Edit

The spirit has the ability to "reset" anchors to the origin point (0,0), which is located at the top left of the stat bar. It is performed by using a spirit precisely in the center of a red anchor. Any red anchor put on the map after a anchor has been "reset" will disappear to the origin. Sometimes, sync issues cause it to seem like the effected items are falling down then teleporting back to the origin point constantly. However, this glitch has been fixed.

Spirit glitch 2

A B-anchored plank affected by the glitch.

Mice Edit

Spirit glitching is the act of a user teleporting to the top left corner of the screen. It can only be seen fully if you have fullscreen mode enabled.

How you do this is, get the spirit, press C, and center it in your mouse. It should almost be at the end of the arms. Being there makes you unable to walk. You are stuck up there. It is also known to be done by attaching a balloon to a mouse, b planking it and using the spirit glitch. You can escape in this, but it usually results in death.

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