Shamans have the power to create two different sizes of a box that is small and large. Boxes can be used for varieties of uses, including, but not limited to elevators, bomb shelters, and steering.

Anchoring Edit

  • A box can be attached by a yellow anchor or a blue or motorized hinge, but cannot be attached by a red anchor. A small box has about a mass of 2 mice, and a big box has a mass of about 6 mice. It's most commonly used as a stepping stone, whether to get to a higher place or to be attached to a slope as a flat surface to stand on.
    • Boxes attached with yellow anchors are used as a safe standing grounds on a steep bridge for a Shaman, so the Shaman can build without the risk to fall off.
    • Boxes attached with blue hinges are used as trolling (tricking mice into thinking that they will go unto safe ground), or as a (worse) alternative of other sorts of hinges.
    • Boxes attached with motorized hinges are used to create box gods or create pole-crossing cars.
    • It is impossible to attach a box to something with a red anchor, but it is possible to attach something to a box with a red anchor.

Uses (Little box) Edit

  • Blocking a passageway.
  • Weighing down airships and platforms.
  • Stepping stones for new mice that don't know how to Wall Jump

Uses (Big box) Edit

  • Making a pyramid-like staircase.
  • Lift mice up, by placing it under them.
  • A ghost big box, which are passable by mice but not other objects. The most common usage of the big ghost box is blocking bombs.

Boxes in combination with other items Edit


A simple bomb shelter


Trolling by blocking a hole

  • In combination with planks, balloons or runes, and sometimes anvils an airship
  • In combination with vertical ghost planks, a Shaman can build a box elevator
  • Ramps and bridges with mostly planks.
  • With boxes in combination with balls (and perhaps planks) you can build a car.

Trivia Edit

  • There is a similar box called the Companion Crate. Though this will not spawn multiple times, and instead teleports. The sides are similar to ice and the top and bottom are also similar to chocolate.