Skill trees

The skill tree builder, where you can view your level, redistribute and build onto your shaman’s skills

The skill system consists of five separate skill trees.

The skill menu can be accessed by clicking Skills in the menu or the yellow number icon that appears at the bottom left of the game when there are points available to be allocated.

There are no skills that affect your player mouse. Skills are solely meant to enhance your shaman’s abilities.

The Wildling and Physicist skill trees are unlocked after you have earned 3680 experience points (reached level 20).

Skills were released on 28 June 2013 in V1.82.[1][2]

Skill Points

You can earn skill points by leveling your mouse up. Each level gains you a skill point. Enough experience points must be gained to level up. Completing maps and saving mice as shaman are ways to obtain experience points. Each level requires a certain amount of experience. Up to 275 Skill points can be distributed in total, so one must reach level 276 to have every single skill leveled to the maximum.

The maximum level a user can be is unknown. No known players have reached level 200 yet.
The maximum level has 100 before, but was later increased in an unknown update.
The maximum level is speculated to be 200 or 276.


In the skill tree editor, you can reset your skill points to create a new build of skills. You do this by clicking the "Redistribution" button at the bottom of the skill tree builder and then confirming. It will tell you how much cheese it will cost before confirming. It will cost cheese equal to the amount of the level you are, regardless of how many skill points you have invested in your skill trees.

Tree Levels

Each row of the tree is unlocked for every 5 skill points you allocate in that area. There is no restriction on how the points need to be allocated within each area, so long as it is in multiples of 5.

  • The second row is unlocked when 5 points are allocated to the first row.
  • The third row is unlocked when 5 more points (10 total) are allocated to the second row or before.
  • The fourth row is unlocked when 5 more points (15 total) are allocated to the third row or before.
  • The fifth row is unlocked when 5 more points (20 total) are allocated to the fourth row or before.
  • The last row is unlocked when 5 or more points (25 total) are allocated to the fifth row or before.

Skill Trees


  • Before the release of the original 3, and later 2, skill trees, images of skills were leaked with many theories surrounding them.
  • Before Wildling and Physicist were released, there was a large thread for many months where players could suggest thing they wanted to be added.
  • Skill Tree Builder


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