For the wilding skill, see Shameow.

The Skeleton cat [1] appeared with the Halloween 2012 and 2013 and came back again in 2015. It has to beaten on the last of the three castle storming event maps. The cat’s silhouette could be seen in the background of Halloween 2014's event map, just in front of the Archain Von Drekkemaus' manor.

Beating the catEdit

To beat the cat, one has to press the Space key repeatedly to hit it with the magic wand, while dodging the cat’s swiping attacks by jumping and walking to the left (just out of its reach).


The reward is the « Zombie »(346) title.

During the Halloween 2016 and Halloween 2017 event, killing the skeleton cat rewards every player who attacked it the Inventory 2336 Cat Skull item which can be used to buy prizes from Archain von Drekkemaus.