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A server is a computer, or series of computers, that links other computers or electronic devices together. For Transformice purposes, a server is a computer which runs the Transformice game while also running the online features. The main purpose of the different servers is to reduce congestion, and to offer a place for same-speaking players to gather. Currently, all servers are physically located in France by the same hosting provider.

Server RestartEdit

Server restarts usually happen minutes before a game update. Most of the server restarts are to add new content to the game or make changes to the game, but sometimes servers are restarted to reduce overall server load and lag.


Example server restart dialog.

Servers usually lag when there are too many people playing. If there is lag on the servers’ end, disconnect from the game and relaunch it after a couple of minutes.

Server restarts generally cause confusion in-game. People either start spamming or noticeably panic whenever they see the restart message, which generally displays as follows:

[SERVER] The server will restart in XX minutes

Threads on the official forums announcing the server restart are common.

Server restarts can be initiated by either the Administrators or by a Moderator.

List of Servers Edit

French server:
English server 1:
English server 2:
Russian server:
Brazilian server 1:
Brazilian server 2:
Brazilian server 3:
Brazilian server 4:
Turkish server:
Chinese server:
Spanish server:
Kongregate server:
Newgrounds server:
DeviantArt server:

Note: Kongregate, Newgrounds and DeviantArt servers are the same.