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Runes are items that the Shaman can create. They appear as magic glyphs resembling arrows, fish, or faces. When created, the rune will travel forwards in the direction that they are rotated, until they make contact with an object. When a rune touches an object it will continue to push that object by attaching to it or following it. They are able to overlap with mice. Runes can be anchored to any other object, which in turn pushes that object in the way the shaman placed the rune. This can be used to steer cars, balloon baskets, planks, and even the iceberg in Map 76. Some troll shamans also use them to create a Magic God which is magical version of Anvil God.

It makes things so prettyEdit

Runes, which do have some helpful purposes, can also be used to make totems look better. This can be done by making a rune snake, rune train, rune bird, or a less known rune dragon. To make these upgrades to your totem, finish up your totem and then using the left over items, make a string of runes or some other rune shape.


  • When a rune is spawned using the double-spawn glitch in a small, enclosed space: only one rune is spawned, and an arrow appears with the rune. The arrow remains on screen for it's normal amount of time. If the object the rune is in rotates, then so will the arrow.
Rune Bug Example - Arrow Spawning with Rune

An arrow is spawned with the rune in the small space. You can tell by the smoke that the rune is freshly spawned, and the arrow appears right next to it after the rune is finished spawning.

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