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/room 801 or /room *801

Room 801 is a room in Transformice. It uses the map Map 801, containing two mice, Elise and Papaille.

Trivia Edit

  • Before an update in 2013, the room had a map similar to map 0 with Elise and Papaille and with no shaman. After that, admins change it and made a village with Elise and Papaille staying as NPC's.
  • Room 801 itself was a test room for a future tribe home, as said by Ley.
  • One unknown moderator could whisper to other mice using Papaille's name. This moderator told a few mice from the room Troll to come to room 801 and you would get a "surprise." This room has also been used as a "party room" with some moderators choose to play music and converse with other players.


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