Prop Hunt is a minigame which is an adapted from a mod in Garry's Mod. There are 2 teams, Props and the Hunter. The Hunter must kill all the Props while Props must hide from the Hunter.  


Hunter is the Shaman of the minigame, he/she can press the Space bar to "kill" a Prop. He/she has 3 lives. When he/she pressed Space but there's no one on the team Props hiding on that location, he/she will lose a life. As the hunter, look carefully at your surroundings and see if one of the objects is in an unusual spot to catch props.


Props is the Mouse of the minigame, he/she can press the letter E on his/her keyboard. In the first 30 seconds of the round the screen is blacked out for the hunter. This allows the mice to quickly run and choose a prop to clone (E), and then hide (Space) without the hunter knowing where.

Round start Edit

After the first 30 seconds, the hunter is spawned and are now on the hunt for props. The hunter must look out for things that seem like a fake prop, and not part of the map. When the hunter thinks he/she has found a fake prop the hunter can press Space to attack/kill the prop (must be within a certain range). The hunter must be carefull to choose correctly, because he/she only get 3 lifes/chances. The props are always free to press Space to unhide and move to another location, they can also switch (E) to another prop. Props on the run are often spotted easily by the hunter though.

Victory Edit

At the last 30 seconds of the round, everybody is given cheese and can enter the mouseholes. The goal for the hunter is to eliminate all the fake props/mice of the map, and the goal for the props is to survive the round and enter the mousehole. The props must rush to the mousehole and avoid getting attacked by the hunter, but it's just as normal for the hunter to let the props enter the mousehole for the last 30 seconds of the round, without the hunter attacking them.


  • Duplicating a prop - This method is used by some players. You should become the same object you're duplicating. Then, position like the object. This method is really hard when you use an object which can position left or right.
  • The Palm Tree Trick - Turn into a palm tree, go to the side of the map, and turn around. When turning around, try to walk as little as possible. Then press spacebar. You should be an off-the-screen palm tree, which is difficult to find and pinpoint the exact location of.

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