Prof was first introduced with the Back to School 2015 event. His name was originally Headmaster, but it has since been changed as of the Easter 2016 event.

In the Back to School event, he was present in his office to give mice different rewards in exchange for grades obtained in various subjects.


Indiana MouseEdit

Although Prof's direct relationship with Indiana Mouse is unknown, he does acknowledge Indiana Mouse's comprehension of the Amazonian locations, seen by his collection of vacation photographs on the 6th Anniversary adventure map displaying him in many accessible fishing spots marked on Indy's 2014 map.

Archain von DrekkemausEdit

Similar to Indiana Mouse, von Drekkemaus' direct relationship with Prof is not known. However, it is known that Prof was permitted to enter Drekkemaus' manor as seen through one cork board image of him taking a close-up photograph of himself in the casino. Although all mice were permitted to enter Drekkemaus' manor on Halloween, none of the Drekkemaus family (who stayed in the casino as shopkeepers throughout the entire event) or other mice are displayed in the photo, thus meaning that Prof was given access to the manor exclusively and most likely sometime that was not Halloween.

Store Edit

Prof can be found in the Mice Village where he runs a store whose contents change every day. Based on the store log it appears the store is stocked randomly with the following criteria:

  • Things in the "always" section below always appear for the same price.
  • Not counting "always" items, there can be between 3 and 5 items for a given day.
  • Both items and their prices are a random value between 1 and 5.
  • All consumables have a chance to appear except for:
    • All coins/currencies
    • Inventory 7 Fortune Cookies1
    • Untradeable Skins1

1) This is speculation as you cannot prove a negative, but do not appear in the log and would make sense not to be included.


Despite having a shop that's reset every day, the following item is always available for the same price.

Cost Reward
10Inventory 2257 20Inventory 800



  • The rename of Headmaster to Prof is more of convenience, since Prof is a common abbreviation of "professor" in English and likewise "Professeur" in French.
  • During the Back to School event, he was renamed "Proviseur", which is French for "principal".