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Present was significantly altered or removed after an update. This article is retained to provide information on past elements of Transformice.


The present counter next to the emotion buttons.

The present was introduced to most vanilla maps in update V0.124 for Christmas 2010 event, and removed from the game when the event ended (V0.129).

Mice collect presents by touching them before going into the hole with cheese. Upon "taking" a present, it will become translucent and the present counter next to the emotes will have +1 added to it. When the new rounds starts, the game will check to see if you have entered the hole, and increase your present counter. Your collected presents are saved, so you may play disconnect and reconnect and continue collecting.

Finding presentsEdit

Presents can be found in most vanilla maps, except those without shamans or stolen cheese maps, such as maps 108–114. Presents can only be collected when there are four or more mice in the room.

Presents are almost always located in places that require efforts to get them, on the part of either the mice or the shaman. In shaman maps, the shaman might have to go all the way out of his/her way to get the present, often leaving little time to spare. In primarily racing maps, such as maps 25 or 35, the presents are placed in areas that are designed to make getting first and collecting the present mutually exclusive, that is, anyone must go out of their way enough that they lose any lead they had.

Crane BugIt is possible to obtain Halloween event items from presents
Crane BugThe number of collected presents does not show up until the first round played in a room.

Christmas 2010Edit

Presents are used on map 888 where presents can be given to any mouse except Jingle. Upon receiving a present, you will receive a special non-purchasable Christmas shop item worth the amount of presents received. Note: For the first few days, it was possible to give and unwrap gifts on maps other than Map 888

  • 1–9 Ornament Earing
  • 10–19 Beard
  • 20–29 Snowman Head
  • 30–39 Antlers

When you open 40+ presents you always will be gifted with cheese in the shop.

You can get titles for giving presents to other mice. They are:

  • 1+ Little Snowflake
  • 10+ Christmas Spirit
  • 30+ Little Pixie
  • 40+ Santa Claus

If a mouse receives an amount of presents that would gift them an item they already have, they will receive a shop item for free, or an amount of cheese equal to the unwrap level doubled. In this way, it is possible to gain extremely expensive items such as the Pharao's Headpiece, the Chinese Queue or items not normally available such as the Halloween items. However, items over 1,000 cheese are either incredibly rare or impossible to obtain.