PLAYGROUND - the minigame where the objects take revenge!
― Transformice’s in-game description of Playground
Playground 2

Playground is a minigame in Transformice with gameplay similar to that of racing rooms.


Like racing rooms, the objective is for the mice to bring the cheese to the hole. There is no shaman, so the mice must do it by themselves.

However, unlike normal racing rooms, shaman objects will keep spawning (usually with a momentum) from multiple spots. The player has to use them to complete some maps, and avoid being killed by them in other maps.

Some maps will respawn the player instantly (like bootcamp), while other maps are a one-try map. Respawning maps usually play 3 minutes, while one-try maps play for 1 minute.

There is a 10% chance that a team game will occur. If this happens, the players will be divided into two teams and the team with the most members who completed the map will win.

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