Pirate 2016, also known as the Pirate Adventure, is the nineteenth adventure of 2016. This adventure echoes the boat maps from previous Fishing events, with a reskin and content unique from the mere « Tonnerre de Brest »(253) title that was the only obtainable reward on past boat maps.



On the boat map, you spawn at the cheese, and must ride a small, rickety boat across the sea to the hole to earn Inventory 2257 to get rewards.


New ConsumablesEdit

Image Name Effect
Inventory 2262 Parrot Spawns a parrot pet.


New items, or previous items that have had a price change.

Indiana Mouse
Cost Reward
25Inventory 2257 « Buccaneer »
50Inventory 2257 Badge 17
Cost Reward
2Inventory 2257 5Inventory 2262
Cost Reward
150Inventory 2253 Macaron 24

New ItemsEdit

Pirate 2016 new items
Badge 156

Fur badge

Image Name Type Cheese-currency Fraise-currency
Shop-fur72 Shark Fur Fur 7000 360
Shop-eyes25 Shanks' Scars Eyes 300 40
Shop-mouth57 Braid Beard Mouth 400 40
Shop-neck27 Exotic Lei Neck 250 40

See AlsoEdit


  • You can wall jump the edge of the screen on the right of the hole



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