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Pets (also known as daintiescompanions, or familiars) are miniature sprites that follow mice around for 1 hour once acquired and used. They have been obtainable since Christmas 2015.[1] They are summoned by using specific pet consumables, and last for 1 hour.

Below is the movement of a pet in-game. One can notice that they are extremely optimized to ensure clarity. Familier 1 movement

Crane BugIf a mouse who has a dainty equipped appears transparent due to use of the /watch command, their dainty will still be fully opaque.

List of PetsEdit

ID Sprite Pet Consumable Release
2 Familier 1 Reindeer
Inventory 31
Christmas 2015
3 Familier 3 Angel Mouse
Inventory 34
Epiphany 2016
4 Familier 4 Dragon
Inventory 2240
Dragon 2016
5 Familier 5 Frog Inventory 2247 Rain 2016
6 Familier 6 Parrot Inventory 2262 Pirate 2016
7 Familier 7 Lizard Inventory 2332 Back to School 2016
Added in memory of the deceased moderator, Xaniv[2]
8 Familier 8 Ghost Inventory 2340 Halloween 2016


ID Sprite Pet Consumable Movement Obtain
1 Familier 0 Fish
First test pet, but not implemented.[3]


  • A possible future pet is a "yuki usagi" (snow bunny), as when suggested by a fan, Meli agreed they would make cute pets.[4]
  • Pets are referred to as "Familier"s in the game files.
  • When asked if there would be a unicorn pet, Melibellule, Transformice's pet designer, responded with surprise due to her planning on making one for Hugging 2016 but forgetting to do so.[5]