Paroles de Dev, or "dev talks" in English, are occasional news posts where administrators will talk about upcoming or planned updates or projects.

List of dev talksEdit

Date Name Summary
12 February 2017 Paroles de Dev - February 2017 New Community Platform ui rework, Transformice Fraise Fragments, new Transformice event ui.
20 November 2012 Paroles de dev’ #4 Community Platform, extinction merge, Bouboum / Fortoresse creation intro (with not-actually-used Fortoresse concept art).
8 June 2012 Paroles de dev’ #3 (Japan Expo Edition) Japan Expo details, including cost and available merchandise.
20 April 2012 Paroles de dev’ #2 Micro-payments, tribe forum / PM mailbox, tribe "feature" mechanic, new developer.
13 April 2012 Paroles de dev’ #1 Micro-payment introduction + item customization, new interface, map editor improvement, shaman update, new communities, japan expo, and Celousco.

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