The Oracle (previously named Tigrounette) is an NPC who has appeared in village rooms as of V1.298b for the Shaman 2016 adventure.

The Oracle has their own shop and provides rewards for feathers, just as Elise and Papaille do.

Store Edit

As of December 2017, the Oracle offers

Cost Reward
200Inventory 2253 Badge 145
150Inventory 2253 Badge 33
150Inventory 2253 Macaron 16
150Inventory 2253 Macaron 21
150Inventory 2253 Macaron 24
150Inventory 2253 Macaron 20
200Inventory 2253 « Archonte »(391)
150Inventory 2253 « Philosopher »(399)
50Inventory 2253 « Heliast »(390)


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