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Noël (2014) was significantly altered or removed after an update. This article is retained to provide information on past elements of Transformice.

Noël (2014) is the Christmas Event map in 2014. It appears every 40 to 60 minutes during the event in vanilla and normal rooms. The mice are randomly spawned at the top of a chimney-themed map and are dropped down to the very bottom. As the mice drop, they will have a chance to collect presents along the way.


  • During the countdown before the map begins, duck to see where your mouse is positioned.
  • Automatically try to collect presents on your side of the map you spawned at.
  • If you spawn on the left, try to collect some of the presents on the right side.


  • A noticable feature on the map is at the very bottom, where Tigrounette is shown with a troll face.
  • This is possibly the longest height-scroll map on Transformice with a height of 4,000 pixels.
  • Noël is the french word for "Christmas".