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This page focuses on a content adventure, meaning this adventure is permanent. Some may consider this an update over an event.


This adventure consist of three parts:

  • Adventure map: Collect Collectible 26 to earn Inventory 2257 (this part of the adventure is not permanent).
  • Survivor: Kill mice in survivor rooms to earn Inventory 2260.
  • Bootcamp: Complete maps to earn Inventory 2261.


Ninja 2016 shell

A turtle's shell is evident on the player's back.

The aim of this event is to collect the Collectible 26scroll presented at the end of each map. The catch for this is that the mouse's gravity is extremely high. You are presented with multiple obstacles, which include a manhole and neon signs that block off areas towards the scroll. It is the role of the shaman to help the mice reach the scroll before time runs out.



New items, or previous items that have had a price change.

Von Drekkemouse
Cost Reward
100Inventory 2260 « Shinobi »(401)
150Inventory 2260 Macaron 23
200Inventory 2260 Badge 153
Cost Reward
100Inventory 2261 « Cadet »(400)
150Inventory 2261 Macaron 22
200Inventory 2261 Badge 154
Indiana Mouse
Cost Reward
« Souris-chan »(402) 50Inventory 2257
Cost Reward
« Piston »(398) 150Inventory 2254

New ItemsEdit

Ninja 2016 new items
Badge 155

New fur badge

Image Name Type Cheese-currency Fraise-currency
Shop-fur71 Camo fur Fur 6000 350
Shop-mouth56 Shuriken Mouth 450 50
Shop-neck26 Skull Bandana Neck 600 60

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  • This is the first adventure to coincide permanent content with temporary content.