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Night mode (also known as nightmode or dark mode) is a randomly occuring game mode that limits the player's vision. The surrounding map is darkened, leaving a small area of light around each player that only they can see. This darkness applies to the shaman, as well. Night mode occurs on select vanilla mode maps and may also be imposed in player-created maps.

When a player completes the map or dies, the map is revealed for that player so that they can spectate the others.

Map EditorEdit

Using the map editor, a player may pay 80 cheese to export two copies of their created map with one featuring night mode. Players can also make night mode versions of existing maps by using the map editor's clipboard feature.

Patch NotesEdit

  • (Version unknown): Dying once again reveals the map for the player. (patch source needed)
  • V1.161: Dying in night mode maps won't remove the night anymore.
  • V0.58: Night mode no longer available on all maps
  • V0.55: Night mode was added.


Night mode may occur for the following Vanilla maps. Note that night mode is the exclusive mode for maps 97 and 99. All night mode map versions will have a shaman, even if its normal version does not.


  • The naming convention of vanilla night mode maps adds 1000 to the map's ID count. For example, the night mode version of map "62" is named map "1062".
    • This is expected to change if Atelier 801 designs over one thousand vanilla maps.