Music is a game mode. The objective of this mode is the same as the normal and vanilla game modes where you must bring the cheese to the hole, most of the time with the help of the shaman.


Video interface

Music is similar to the normal game mode except players in the room can upload YouTube videos to a playlist and they play on the video screen decoration in the map. The music game mode plays its own unique maps made specifically for this game mode, similar to defilante's maps' similarity to racing maps.


When entering a room, in the top left corner there is a disc with a music note in front of it. Clicking it brings you to an interface that asks you to post your video in the text box.


Clicking Playlist shows all the videos suggested by others in that session. Using the /skip chat command allows you to vote for skipping the current video, and if 10[confirm] mice vote to skip the video, the video will end.

All videos will either end when they are over or when five minutes has passed. If a video is longer than five minutes, it will end once five minutes has passed either way.

The video screen decoration has two sizes: small and large. These both display the video that is currently being played.

The video screen decoration is non-solid, so your player mouse cannot come into contact with it unless there is ground placed in its place in the map.

500 gathered cheese is required to submit a video; however, it costs no cheese or fraises to submit a video.

When a video starts playing, the title and the submitter will be displayed in the chat box. Clicking the YouTube icon at the bottom right of the video player will open the video in a new tab; it also stops playing the video in Transformice.

If the player who submitted a video leaves the room it will stop playing.

Only one video submitted by one player can be in the playlist at a time. You can't submit another video while your video is playing.


  • Music is speculated to be based off Baffbot rooms.