For the Wind Master skill, see Transformice (skill).
Transformation icons

Transformation icons

Anvil tower

An anvil tower made out of six mice who transformed into anvils

Mouse transformation is an ability which allows mice to turn into shaman objects.

Mice are supposed to help each other out with this ability—but it can also be used to troll and kill other mice.

Obtaining Edit

It is given to all mice on mouse transformation maps. These maps play when there is a medium amount of players (5 to 16[confirm]) in the room.

However, it can also be obtained on any other map if the shaman has the Transformice skill, which allows to give this ability to up to 5 mice.

Control Edit

Mouse transformation icons appear in the shaman items box on the bottom right of the screen. Once a mouse is transformed into an object it is not able to move, and a single mouse icon appears in the item box instead. Clicking the mouse icon reverts a player back to their mouse form.

These are the objects a mouse can turn into:

ID Picture Object
48 Transformation HD Small box
49 Mouse Transformation CrateBig Large box
50 Mouse Transformation Anvil Anvil
51 Mouse Transformation Plank Small plank
52 Mouse Transformation PlankBig Large plank
53 Mouse Mouse

History Edit

The ability was introduced on 30 April 2011 with V0.154.

According to game co-creator and administrator Melibellule, the concept of mice "transforming" into objects (thus the name Transformice) was to be the system of moving about on the map, but proved to be difficult or impossible with only a few players in a room. As more have begun to play the game, the concept has been re-introduced into a few Mouse Transformation Maps.

Event items Edit

Horseshoe in transformed mouse

During events that have items outside event maps, such as the Saint Patrick's Day event, transformed mice will still hold the event item if they held it before transforming.

Bugs Edit

  • The face of a mouse may disappear when it is transformed.

Transformation face glitch2 Transformation face glitch

Trivia Edit

A transformed mouse's body will always be brown, no matter what fur they have.

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