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The moderators of Transformice, or more commonly referred to as mods, are players chosen by the developers who watch out for hackers, spammers and others who break the rules of Transformice.

They have certain privileges compared to regular users including: banning other players, muting them, the ability to change the map, force users to play user maps or permanent maps, set maps as permanent, delete maps, and play music.

Each nationality’s server has its own set of moderators who enforce the rules on those servers.[1]

List of Transformice moderators Edit

A list of EN moderators may can be found here, a full list of moderators can be found here, and a list of online mods for your community can be found by entering in the /mod chat command. Moderators may also choose to remain anonymous to keep from being constantly contacted.

Moderators by community
HU Hungarian
IT Italian
LV Latvian
VK Skandinavian

Contacting a moderator Edit

There are a number of ways of contacting moderators some include; whispering to them in-game or Private Message them on the forum.

Super moderator Edit

Transformice also had a very limited number of super moderators. These players used to keep control over the rest of the moderators, and had some additional commands available to them, such as the ability to recruit/remove an existing moderator, as well as change passwords for other accounts.

Super moderators are removed from the game!