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Game modesEdit

  • Normal
  • Vanilla
  • Bootcamp
  • Music
  • Racing
  • Defilante


Minigames are rooms that can be accessed by using #MinigameName, possibly followed by a number (ex: #traitor or #traitor1).

Just like normal rooms, you can also do "international" mini-game rooms by placing "*" before the room name (ex: "*#deathmatch"). However, very few people use international mini-game rooms, so this may only be useful if you plan to play with friends on a different server without making everyone having to switch servers. They are primarily used for minigames / modules still in testing / beta.

These are the minigames Transformice has; go to the room to play them! (If no one is at the room, try adding a "1" to the end of the room name)


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