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A minigame is a bot, mod or game controlled room, with special maps and features. Currently there are two game controlled minigames and six bot controlled minigames. Game controlled minigames can be found in the menu.

Game modesEdit

Game modes (aka game controlled minigames) are official "minigames", that can either be found under the [menu button]>Game modes (with pictures next to them), or can be entered by typing /room [name of game mode in lowercase]+[any content following it, often a number]. Examples: /room vanillaTwo, /room vanilla1, 2, 3, /room vanillaAllFriendsGoHere


Modules or Minigames (aka bot controlled minigames) are rooms that can be accessed by using #MinigameName, possibly followed by a number (ex: #traitor or #traitor1).

Just like normal rooms, you can also do "international" mini-game rooms by placing "*" before the room name (ex: "*#deathmatch"). However, very few people use international mini-game rooms, so this may only be useful if you plan to play with friends on a different server without making everyone having to switch servers. They are primarily used for minigames / modules still in testing / beta.

These are the minigames Transformice has; go to the room to play them! (If no one is at the room, try adding a "1" to the end of the room name)


Currently unavailableEdit

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