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Mice Village is the town that is shown in map 801.

The only known residents are Elise, Papaille, Oracle, Indiana Mouse, a gray mouse, and a brown mouse.
The Easter egg pigeon appears on the map as well.

Known buildings are a pub with a restaurant on its roof, two houses in trees, a pool in a tree and apartments.

A lake goes through this town, and a bridge is built upon it.
To the west of the town, a mountain can be seen next to the gazebo.


  • Mice care for cows in this town.
  • You can wall jump the edges of the map.
  • The gazebo on the left of the map has an invisible bit of lava (indicated by a swirl) above it which can be used to get to the pool in the tree.
  • Pros can use the bounce to access a hidden area on the map.